The UK-China Film Collab Ltd is an independent non-profit organisation set up to inspire film related collaboration and debate between the UK and Greater China.

The main areas that we are interested in include co-production, distribution & exhibition, talent development and original project design. As a public facing organisation and facilitator, we are committed to knowledge transfer, dialogues building, communication improvement, R&D and policy advocacy.

The first stage of this project (February – October 2019) was funded by the AHRC’s UK-China Creative Partnership Development Grants, with match funding from international partners. The AHRC funding was awarded to the School of Journalism, Media and Culture, Cardiff University, For its official awarding information, please visit here.

The Project was then incorporated as a limited company by guarantee on May 26 2020 to continue its activities and to raise further funding beyond academia.

To download and read our latest Governing Statement (2021) please click here.

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