Alexei Hampson has been selected to join UCFC as a member via the support of Kickstart Scheme, as a Lead Film & Political Analyst.

The Kickstart Scheme was announced in July 2020 as part of the Chancellor’s Plan for Jobs. The scheme aims to create thousands of high-quality six-month work placements for young people aged 16 to 24.

UK-China Film Collab have been approved as an employer for the Kickstart Scheme. We are committed to providing an international experience to all future placement candidates. In addition, we will provide a tailored mentorship to support young graduates, so that they will be in a more ready position to launch a career after their work experience with us.

Here is Alexei’s own introduction to his expertise as well as his project at UCFC in the next six months:

“From an early age I have had a deep interest in film, television and literature, but it was only while I was studying at university that I decided it an area that I am keen to explore as a career. I studied Ancient History at the University of Manchester, and it is there that I formulated the idea of combining these passions – the short-term goal being to find work as a researcher, preferably historical based study, for film/television/documentary. Since graduating I have become increasingly interested in journalism and global politics. With tensions growing between China and the West, people are only becoming more disconnected with Chinese culture and affairs. In working for UCFC I see an opportunity to encourage a more diverse debate on China through analysing its film/cinema. China has a booming film industry, and yet their productions are seldom seen in Britain. The Chinese Cinema Season is here to remedy this, and with it well underway, I look forward to writing up on some of the films it has released! UCFC has provided me with the chance to hone my skills in critical writing while incorporating my passion for research, film and journalism. For this, I am very grateful. ”

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