The UK-China Film Collab is a unique and one of its kind non-profit organisation. Our mission is to inspire and encourage film related collaboration and debate between the UK and Greater China, through communication improvement, original project design, R&D, talent development and advocacy.

The first edition of Future Talent Programme was launched in 2020. Its objective is to provide a platform for students to gain some practical experience during their studies, as well as to testify their ideas. The organisation will support their initiatives via our opportunities, network and resources. This programme is different from a standard internship. We are looking for individuals who have ideas and who are brave to put them into experiment. Any initiative or expertise is welcome, as long as they follow the organisation’s mission and that your service, like the nature of the organisation, remains non-profit. Our Annual General Meeting took place on 28 August where the previous cohort of members voted and selected the 8 new members. The selection process was based on the merit of each candidate’s application. Here is our new Future Talent Programme members for 2022-2023:

Emily Austin-Howell
University of Leeds

Yi Fang
University for the Creative Arts

Teresa Irigoyen-Lopez
SOAS University of London

Aryan Khawaja
University College London

Nevena Skobic
University of Oxford

Qianzhi Shan
University of Edinburgh

Liaoliao Wu
University for the Creative Arts

Bingjue Yan
University of Warwick

Congratulations to all the candidates! We shall publish an individual introduction of each candidate and their one-year project in due course.

To find out about the previous cohort of members, please click here.