Zhang Yimou’s latest film Article 20 is set to hit UK cinemas from 23 February. The film has also been released in mainland China and the SARS over the Chinese New Year window.

Cast: Yi Zhang, Li Ma, Jiayin Lei, Zanilia Zhao, Wei Fan, Hewei Yu
Director: Zhang Yimou

In a year where every challenge seems insurmountable, Han Ming’s story unfolds. Han Ming (played by Lei Jiayin) is a seconded prosecutor whose life is a whirlwind of complications following his transfer to the municipal prosecutor’s office. His son, Han Yuchen (played by Liu Yaowen), ignites a firestorm by clashing with dean’s (played by Zhang Yi) son and adamantly refuses to apologize. His wife, Li Maojuan (played by Ma Li), fiercely intervenes, further escalating the situation. At work, Han Ming navigates a minefield of professional challenges, especially his strained partnership with Lü Lingling (played by Gao Ye), which results in a deadlock in their cases. Amidst these chaos, the desperate plight of Hao Xiuping (played by Zhao Liying) in a critical case confronts Han Ming with the harsh realities of legal and emotional conflict. With his career and family hanging in the balance, Han Ming decides to gamble everything on his quest for justice and fairness in his own way…