We are pleased to announced that online magazine Asian Movie Pulse will be a media partner of Odyssey 2024.

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The purpose of Asian Movie Pulse is to deal with all aspects of Asian cinema, from its lowest depths (student, amateur films) to its highest peaks (where Parasite is now). At the same time, they aim to promote the work of the entire continent through an approach, though, that is characterized by objectivity, but also by a deep love for cinema and the realization of how difficult it is to fund, shoot, and produce a motion picture. Towards this direction, they also try to interview as many filmmakers as possible, in an effort to show their thoughts and purpose regarding their work, while they frequently deal with actors, producers, crewmembers, and people who work in the wider industry, in order to better understand the whole bulk of this business they call show. In that regard, recently they have also started dealing with anime, TV dramas, books, manga and music.

We look forward to working with the Founder of AMP Panos and the magazine’s writers for this year’s Odyssey.

Based in the UK, Odyssey is an annual film festival in conversation with Chinese communities worldwide, Greater China and beyond. It focuses on a special theme each year and the theme for 2024 is “Food and Travel”. The festival will take place between September 9-29 offline across the UK and online. 

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