10 British theatre live recordings will tour in 3 cities in China between 5 September and 21 September, starting from Broadway Cinematique in Shenzhen.

British theatre live has become more and more popular among the Chinese audience in recent years and the market is going to grow even bigger. A new festival will present 10 different classic and new productions, making it one of the biggest showcase in recent years since the pandemic. Starting from Broadway Cinematique in Shenzhen, the festival will later arrive in 2 more neighbour cities, Guangzhou and Foshan.


Doctor Faustus (Shakespeare’s Globe)

Straight Line Crazy (National Theatre Live)

The Book of Dust – La Belle Sauvage (National Theatre Live)

The Crucible (National Theatre Live)

Leopoldstadt (National Theatre Live)

Life of Pi (National Theatre Live)

Ian McKellen on Stage: Tolkien, Shakespeare and You! (National Theatre Live)

The Lehman Trilogy (National Theatre Live)

The Seagull (National Theatre Live)

Anything Goes


Organisations between the UK and China involved in this festival include the Shakespeare’s Globe, National Theatre Live, Trafalgar Releasing, All the Way, Broadway Cinematique, Cinema Palace and the British Council.