Come join us for an evening of stunning short films by local Chinese filmmakers. Showcasing their creative talent and hard work.

Held at the beautiful Camden Chinese community centre. Complimentary snacks and drinks before the screenings.

Date: 27 April 2023, Thursday

Address: Camden Chinese Community Centre, 9 Tavistock Place London, WC1H 9SN


6:30pm – Doors open
7:00pm – 8:00pm Film Screenings

*break for refreshments*

8:30-9:00pm Panel Discussion and Q+A with film makers, hosted by Riley Wong

Note: Our films contain adult themes, including sexual assault, suicide, self-harm and violence. Viewer discretion is advised. Trigger warnings have been provided in the programme below.


The Ravishing Astonishing Great Magician – Baysalt Gui

This film tells the tale of a magician’s downward spiral into insanity when the ultimate sacrifice is needed in order to achieve glory and success. While entertainment constructs push artists to their mortal limits. The film pays homage to early film history, with its main inspirations being the work of Georges Mèlies, twisting classic cinema techniques into its own original style.

TW: sexual assault, self-harm, suicide, violence, blood

Er Niang – Kevin Yang

Set in a secluded village in Southwest China, the film follows the story of a young and beautiful widow who befriends a man living with mental disabilities ostracised by the community. As their relationship blossoms, it seems like the widow’s life is taking a turn for the better. However, the spreading rumours and gossip in the village make her life increasingly difficult.

TW: sexual assault, suicide, violence, bullying


The Wind Blows On – Haidy Chen

Qin An, a mechanic, is disappointed with the mundane life he leads. One day, he receives an invitation to his high school reunion, which could be his only opportunity to reconnect with his first love, Xiaoxiao. As he deliberates over whether to attend or not, a sleek Porsche pulls up to his workshop for repairs…

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This event is presented by Camden Chinese Community Centre, supproted by SOAS and UK-China Film Collab.

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