As part of the Chinese Cinema Season, the UK-China Film Collab will organise and host 9 discussion panels during the festival period, between February and April. Dedicated to a wide range of topics, they aim to extend debate and enquiry regarding challenges and possibilities in film-related exchange between the two countries.

Panel 1: International Reception of Chinese Language Films by Post-Millenials

Date & Time: 12th February, 13:00 GMT | Format: Live on Zoom

You can now catch up with the panel’s recording here.

There has been an increasing interest in the reception of Chinese-language films outside of China, however, little research has been completed on the reception of the next generation of consumer, the post-millennials. This panel session seeks to promote an open discussion of how post-millennials consume Chinese-language films and how they consume film in the digital age. Panellists include experts from the academia and university students. We will try to delve into viewing trends with an international post-millennial audience and discuss recent research in this field. Audience members are encouraged to ask questions to panellists and will be provided with a platform for further discussion.


Curtis Weir, International Film Relations Negotiator, UK-China Film Collab

Giulia D’Aquila, International Audience Analyst, UK-China Film Collab


Dr Fraser Elliott, Lecturer in Film, Exhibition and Curation, The University of Edinburgh/HOME, Manchester

Marco Gennaro, Masters student of Languages and Cultures for International Communication and Cooperation, University of Milan “La Statale”

Helene Heggelund, Masters student of International Business and Chinese, The University of Edinburgh

Alessia Paolillo, Masters student of Public International Affairs, Luiss Guido Carli University, Rome and Head of Strategic Communications for European Guanxi

The views expressed by panellists do not necessarily reflect those held by the UK- China Film Collab nor Chinese Cinema Season.

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