As part of the Chinese Cinema Season, the UK-China Film Collab have organised and will host 9 discussion panels during the festival period, between February and April. Dedicated to a wide range of topics, they aim to extend debate and enquiry regarding challenges and possibilities in film-related exchange between the two countries.

The Future of Co-production Film between the UK & China

Date & Time: 12th March, 13:00 GMT | Format: Live on Zoom

You can now catch up with the panel’s recording here.

The concept of a co-produced film between the UK and China might be quite new to the filmmakers and audience in both countries. Co-production development as well as inspiring new projects is core to the UK-China Film Collab’s founding missions. In 2019, we led a British film delegation to visit Shanghai to explore new ideas and hosted three Shanghai film delegations to the UK.

While interest and enthusiasm are out there, filmmakers are not yet familiar with each other’s market and audience. Since the official Co-production Treaty was signed in 2015, less than five films have been successfully released under the Treaty category. Facilitating ongoing conversation and ideas exchange can help all sides to understand each other more as well as to see potentials better.

What type of co-produced film will appear to the audience on both sides? How to start to develop a co-production script? Where are the possible filming locations?

This panel aims to explore some of these questions above and beyond.

Opening Remarks:

Neil Peplow, Director of International Affairs, British Film Institute


Chantel Burrell, Certification Analyst, British Film Institute

Michelle Chen, director of Daughter of Shanghai (2019)

Guanglei Jia, VP and China Business Executive, DNEG

Justin Muller, Head of International Department, Xiangshan Global International Studios

Yixi Sun, writer and director of Susu (2018), Director of Filming East Film Festival


Curtis Weir, International Film Relations Negotiator, UK-China Film Collab

Dr Hiu Man Chan, Founder & Director, UK-China Film Collab

The views expressed by panellists do not necessarily reflect those held by the UK- China Film Collab nor Chinese Cinema Season.