Dana Wang from the University of York has been selected to join UK-China Film Collab as a member via the Future Talent Programme 2023-2024.

Here is Dana’s introduction to her expertise as well as her project at UCFC for this coming year:

“My name is Dana Wang and I am a third-year Film and Television Production BA student from the University of York. It is my great honour to join UCFC and be part of the Future Talent Programme 2023-2024. As a film student, my main interest is in cinematography and now I am taking up the DoP role for my final year group project. Alongside my passion for film production, I believe being part of the UCFC will help me to learn more knowledge such as running film festivals and workshops. These additional experience will open up opportunities for me to meet new friends and network across the whole industry chain.

My proposed project is to write and film a series of experimental films or documentaries about women’s power on an international scale, emphasising the individual’s story and feelings with a strong visual style, to reveal the realities that women face.

Contact Dana: dana.wang@ukchinafilm.uk

Dana’s Contributions to the organisation

Lead of Public Relations, Odyssey 2023