Film has become an important practice for cultural diplomacy between the UK and China, the industry finally realises its responsibilities.

Carnival Films’s Executive Chairman Gareth Neame’s recent visit to the China’s Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming has proved such point.

Among other UK films that have appeared on a Chinese silver screen this year, Downton Abbey perhaps has the highest potentials that can contribute productively to the cultural relations between the two countries, given its TV series’ ongoing reputation in China.

However and as usual, releasing a foreign film in China is always a long process and the official date for Downton Abbey’s release via Universal in China is yet confirmed. While the film has been benefiting positive box-office around the world, having access to the 2nd largest film market in the world will certainly add up to its global success to date.

In addition to Carnival Films’s recent diplomatic efforts, the UK-China Film Collaboration Project will continue to produce public knowledge via its WeChat account, and to emphasise the importance for this film to reach its Chinese audience.

Given the delay of the film’s release in China, urgent supports for a unified marketing campaign from all departments in the UK (including the BFI, British Council, the Tourism Industry Council, the Creative Industries Council, DCMS and the DIT) are necessary to guarantee a belated success.

For the official news regarding Carnival Films’s visit to Ambassador Liu Xiaoming, please click here.