After almost a 3-month delay, Downton Abbey is finally set to have its theatrical release in China on December 13.

While it is true that the original series was extremely popular among Chinese audience, in order for the film to secure a decent box-office, effective marketing campaigns are urgently needed. The film is currently rated 8.3/10 on Douban with nearly 3,000 reviews. However, on Maoyan Professional, the film only has 2,954 expressed interests, in comparison to Jumanji 2’s 24,470, which is also opening on the same day.

Currently, there is a lack of feature review as well as media coverage about the film’s release ahead. The UK-China Film Collab Project has been in touch with Carnival Films and proposed to conduct a series of interview, to support the film’s promotion in China.

Variety has reported the film’s release in China further.