We often organise and participate in events that are related to our organisation’s mission, from public seminar, to workshop, to trade event and to film exhibition.

  • The Eight Hundred: an Exclusive Online Screening + QA

    An exclusive online screening organised for our partners + Q&A with Dr Tim Summers.

  • 1917: a British film's release and reception in China

    UCFC's Mengci Ren and Shutian Lu discuss the release and reception of 1917 in China.

  • The Eight Hundred: Britain in Shanghai 1937

    Professor Rana Mitter and Cedric Behrel discuss The Eight Hundred's release in the UK.

  • UCFC at Hong Kong Filmart 2020's Online Edition

    UCFC attends Filmart with two coproduction script development projects.

  • Investment Opportunities in the film sector between the UK and China

    An investment call event, co-organised with the CBBC and the Shanghai Film Distribution and Exhibition Association.

  • Liverpool Shanghai Film Week

    As part of Liverpool-Shanghai 20th Sister Cities Anniversary Celebration, the UCFC co-hosts a film week in Liverpool.