• Odyssey: a Chinese cinema season

    The biggest film festival for Chinese cinema of the year in Europe,

  • UK Chinese Filmmaker Event

    A film students and professionals gathering event.

  • I Am What I Am UK Premiere

    UCFC to premiere Chinese animation I Am What I Am in the UK

  • Chinese New Year Dinner

    UCFC & tve's joint celebration for the Year of the Tiger

  • UK-China Film Collab Writers’ Workshop with Guest Joanne Lau

    Hosted by Annabel Jackson

  • University Dreams in 1921

    Online screening of 'Backing Home' + Q&A

  • LCI Chinese Film Festival: The Great Learning

    In collaboration with Liverpool Confucius Institute

  • LCI Chinese Film Festival: A Little Brid Reminds Me

    In collaboration with Liverpool Confucius Institute

  • LCI Chinese Film Festival: Cloudy Mountain

    In collaboration with Liverpool Confucius Institute

  • 'China Week' Special Screening: The Mermaid

    In collaboration with Lau China Institute, King's College London

  • 'China Week' Special Screening: Smog Town

    In collaboration with Lau China Institute, King's College London

  • UK-China Collab in Film, TV & Media for Global Sustainability

    A lunch panel that tackles the first of its kind topic

  • Employability Training

    An private training programme for students at ECA via ScreenSkills

  • Film Market Spotlight China

    XR – Next-Generation of Entertainment

  • The Origin of Ideals

    Online screening of 1921 (2021) + Q&A with Professor Astrid Nordin

  • The Wandering Elephants

    A public installation at 9 metro stations in Kunming, China

  • UCFC Attends World Elephant Day Event (China)

    A keynote on "The Wandering Elephants and Global Animation"

  • When Animation Meets Feminity

    Online screening of shorts + Q&A with Hefang Wei

  • Chinese Cinema Season

    3 months, 50+ films, 9 panels and many Q&As - an online film festival.

  • Chaplin at Hainan International Film Festival

    5 restored Chaplin classics to appear at the 3rd HIIFF.

  • Life between Mainland & Hong Kong

    Online screening of The Crossing (2018) + Q&A with director Xue Bai.

  • Dancing in a Turbulent Time

    Online screening of Youth (2017) + Q&A with Dr Xuelei Huang.

  • Britain in Shanghai 1937

    Online screening of The Eight Hundred + Q&A with Dr Tim Summers

  • 1917: a British film's release and reception in China

    Mengci Ren and Shutian Lu discuss the release and reception of 1917 in China.

  • Britain in Shanghai 1937

    Professor Rana Mitter and Cedric Behrel discuss The Eight Hundred's release in the UK.

  • Hong Kong Filmmart

    UCFC attends Filmart with two coproduction script development projects.

  • Investment Opportunities in the film sector between the UK and China

    An investment call event, co-organised with the CBBC and the Shanghai Film Distribution and Exhibition Association.

  • Liverpool Shanghai Film Week

    As part of Liverpool-Shanghai 20th Sister Cities Anniversary Celebration, the UCFC co-hosts a film week in Liverpool.