A new documentary The Six, directed by British director Arthur Jones and exec-produced by James Cameron, is coming to cinemas across the UK.

The Titanic sank more than a century ago. Ever since then, stories of those who lost their lives and of the survivors have reverberated across the globe, further revived by the success of James Cameron’s iconic 1997 film, Titanic. But some stories were left untold.

Two London cinema screenings at Picturehouse Central on 16th November 2021 (UK premiere), and Bertha Dochouse on 25th November, have been organised by TVF, and eight other screenings across the country, including Picturehouse cinemas in Brighton, Southampton, Cambridge, Oxford, and Liverpool from the 16th November, as well as Manchester HOME on the 12th December, have been organised by London-based UK-China Film Collab.

The Six tells the story of six Chinese sailors who survived the shipwreck only to be refused entry to the US under an anti-immigration law called the Chinese Exclusion Act. Just hours after their escape, immigration officials escorted the six men to a cargo ship bound for Cuba. They then seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. Following an international team of researchers, the documentary takes us on a journey across China to the USA as well as to Canada and the UK, in search of the survivor’s descendants. As well as featuring exclusive interviews with James Cameron and stunning animations, The Six also includes a previously unreleased, deleted scene from Titanic.

Alongside the successful theatrical run in mainland China across April 2021, The Six recently picked up a Special Jury Award at the Beijing International Film Festival, the Best Historical Documentary Award at Immigration Film Festival, the Best Feature Documentary at Bangkok International Film Festival, and the Insights Audience Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival

Leading independent distributor TVF International is representing the film’s broadcast rights, and has already licensed the film to several broadcasters across the world including NHK in Japan, ABC in Australia, RTHK in Hong Kong as well as RTVE in Spain, with many other deals in negotiation.

“As filmmakers, we hope our effort in telling this story will shine a light on people who have lost hope, who are still suffering from mistreatment, who are living under the shadow of shame,” said Luo Tong, Producer of The Six, reflecting on the impact of The Six’s events now. “We hope it can help people find the courage and confidence to defy injustice.”

”The Six is a clear-eyed examination of global racism and various nations’ anti-Chinese immigration policies, whose ramifications are still felt today. It’s also a penetrating argument for looking beyond written history for narrative reconstruction.” – The Hollywood Reporter.

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