The UK-China Film Collab is a unique and one of its kind non-profit, non-governmental organisation. Our mission is to inspire and encourage film related collaboration and constructive debate between the UK and Greater China, through communication improvement, original project design, R&D, talent development and advocacy.

The first edition of Future Talent Programme was launched in 2020. Its objective is to provide a platform for students to gain some practical experience during their studies, as well as to testify their original ideas. The organisation will support their initiatives via our opportunities, network and resources. This programme is different from a standard internship. We are looking for individuals who have ideas and who are brave to put them into experiment. Any initiative or expertise is welcome, as long as they follow the organisation’s mission.


Who are the new members?

2023-2024 Cohort

Senthoran Perananthan, University of Warwick

Ketong Ou, King’s College (currently in gap year, working in Beijing)

Dana Wang, University of York

Lou Cai, a recent graduate from the University of Warwick (currently working full-time in London in communications)

Jessica Shi, National Film and Television School

Adriano Rocha Lagni, Middlesex University

Shengjun Zhang, a recent graduate from the University of Manchester (currently working at the University Manchester)

Lea Pan, a recent graduate from the University of Manchester


Who are our current and past Future Talent Members?

2022-2023 Cohort

Emily Austin-Howell, University of Leeds

Yi Fang, University for the Creative Arts (Lead of Campaign, Odyssey 2023)

Teresa Irigoyen-Lopez, SOAS

Aryan Khawaja, UCL

Qianzhi Shan, University of Edinburgh 

Liaoliao Wu, University for the Creative Arts (Lead of Operations, Odyssey 2023)

Bingjue Yan, University of Warwick (Assistant Curator, Odyssey 2023)


2021-2022 Cohort

Lily Collinson, Lancaster University

Xiangqin Dong, University of Edinburgh

Szymon Grochal, University of Hertfordshire

Martha Harwood, Lancaster University

Annabel Bai Jackson, University of Oxford

Yixiang Lin, University of Edinburgh 

Yawen Liu, London Film School

Jiakai Nie, University College London

Ethan Shi, University of Bristol

Xiaolian Qiu, University of Sheffield

Zhilin Wang, University of Reading

Liao Zhang, University of Nottingham

You can find out more about our previous members on this website.


Our success stories

On top of so many other successes, Annabel Bai Jackson has been selected to be the Youth Jury for this year’s Sheffield Documentary Film Festival.

Ehan Shi started his own Chinese film festival brand in London – Ashes of Time Chinese Film Film Festival in collaboration with Genesis Cinema

Shirley Lin started her own Chinese film festival brand in the Lake District – Mint Chinese Film Festival, in collaboration with Keswick Alhambra Cinema.