The UK-China Film Collab Ltd. is a non-profit organisation. Our mission is to inspire and encourage film related collaboration between the two countries, through communication improvement, project design, R&D, talent development and policy advocacy.

The Future Talent is a new programme that we are launching this month. Its objective is to provide a platform for students in the UK to gain practical experiences during their studies, as well as to testify and actualise their research informed ideas. The organisation will support their initiatives via our opportunities, network and resources. This programme is different from a standard internship. We are looking for individuals who have ideas and who are brave to put them into practice. Any initiative or expertise is welcome, as long as they all follow the organisation’s mission and that your service, like the nature of the organisation, remains non-profit.

Who are we looking for?

You are a PhD student (Chinese national, including Hong Kong & Macau SAR) enrolled at a UK university OR you are a non-Chinese national student currently studying Chinese (BA, MA) or researching Chinese related topics at a UK university (Mphil, PhD).

You are committed to contributing (a tiny part) to world peace via your research and future career. You are passionate about film, and have unique perspectives on film as art, culture, business and diplomacy. You are an unusually active academic researcher, who believes in the democratisation of knowledge. You are good at facilitation and recognise the importance in behind the scene cross-cultural facilitation. You have a sense of social responsibility and are ready to serve the community. You have a long-term vision and recognise how your service will benefit the next generations.

To apply for this programme, please send the following materials in English to Dr Hiu Man Chan, Director of the UK-China Film Collab by August 22:

  1. CV
  2. A one-page Cover Letter
  3. Your vision on the future of UK-China film collaboration

To summarise some of the activities that we participated, supported or co-organised in 2019:

Dec: Trade event: Investment opportunities in film distribution & exhibition between the UK and China, at the Shanghai Film Distribution and Exhibition Association

Dec: UK-China Creative Industries Showcase and Workshop, as part of the UKRI delegation to China, Shanghai

Dec: UK-China Film Coproduction Seminar, Shanghai

Oct: Liverpool Shanghai Film Week, Liverpool

Oct: Facilitated meetings between Shanghai film delegation and film companies, London

Oct: Meeting on promoting British cinema in China, British Council Headquarters, London

Sep: Facilitated meetings between Shanghai government delegation and the Welsh government, Cardiff

May: Facilitated a research trip to Cannes Film Festival with Shanghai film representatives, Cannes

April: A conference on UK-China film collaboration, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

April: Led a UK film industry delegation to visit Shanghai

Looking forward to hearing from you and let’s have an adventure!