In collaboration with FutureLab 2020 and the West Bund Art Centre, we are providing you a unique opportunity to showcase your graduate films at one of the most famous art venues in Shanghai.


Date: Nov 28 – Dec 6, 2020

Venue: West Bund Art Centre


Due to COVID-19, many students in the UK have lost an opportunity to showcase their graduate works at physical venue. We are working closely with 2020 FutureLab to provide you an unusual platform to exhibit your graduate films.


Who is FutureLab?

Art and Design Education: FutureLab is an international platform dedicated to the research and presentation of innovative teaching practice for future art and design education. The second edition of FutureLab will run from November 28th to December 6th, 2020 at West Bund Art Centre in Shanghai, China.

FutureLab presents an introduction to well-known art and design schools and institutions from all over the world, which consists of three main sections, including Exhibition, Forum and Workshop.

The second edition of FutureLab at the West Bund Art Centre will include a section titled “Graduate Show”, to invite Chinese students who are graduating from overseas institutions to submit their final works to be included in the exhibition event.

The UK-China Film Collab has secured a space for film graduates this year. We have been invited to curate a programme to include graduate works by Chinese film students in the UK to be part of FutureLab’s “Graduate Show”.

5 films in total will be selected to be exhibited at FutureLab 2020, the full list of submissions will also be made publicly available after the selection process.


Who is West Bund Art Centre?

The West Bund Art Centre was designed by Liu Yichun, a renowned Atelier Deshaus architect. Located in the old Shanghai aircraft factory at 2555 Longteng Ave, the West Bund Art centre is an integral part of the West Bund Cultural Corridor. Guided by a mission to “let art lead life,” this 10,000-square-meter space boasts two stories of exhibition spaces, lecture halls, performance facilities, meeting rooms, and more.

The West Bund Art Centre opened to the public in 2015, and has since hosted art, fashion, and performance events in its capacity as a functional, flexible cultural landmark serving West Bund and all of Shanghai.


Eligibility & Submission Guidelines

You are a Chinese national (including Hong Kong and Macau SAR) or a Chinese ethnic (of any national) film student studying at a UK university/film school (undergraduate or postgraduate level), and expected to graduate this year.

For your submission, please include:

  • A short film no longer than 30 minutes (any genre)
  • A bilingual introduction to yourself (institution, supervisor, contact detail) + CV
  • A bilingual introduction to your short film
  • A bilingual credit of your film

Please submit your film with a Vimeo link alongside above materials in a Powerpoint format to no later than October 1st 2020, with a subject titled “FutureLab 2020”.

The selection panel is composed by members from the West Bund Art Centre, FutureLab and the UK-China Film Collab.