Giulia D’Aquila from the University of Edinburgh has been selected to join UCFC as a member via the organisation’s Future Talent Programme 2020-2021.

Here is Giulia’s own introduction to her expertise as well as her project at UCFC for this coming year:

I am a recent graduate from the Master of Chinese Studies at the University of Edinburgh. I have expertise on Chinese media, visual culture and film. In 2019, I spent six months studying at Fudan University in Shanghai. I have always been passionate about films, as I think they are windows on different worlds. Thanks to my university, I had the chance to open that window on Chinese film, and I am still staring at that landscape now. I believe that films have the power to create connections between different worlds, by showing how incredibly similar human experiences can be. For this reason, UK-China Film Collab is an incredible opportunity for me to be an active part in the creation of those connections.

I am working as an International Audience Analyst for UCFC. The project I am currently working on consists of carrying out a PhD research aimed at finding effective ways in which contemporary Chinese blockbusters can speak to broader international audiences, with a focus on UK young audiences. This will create the basis for deeper connections between the two countries’ production industries, and hopefully lead to new trends in the Chinese film industry.

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