For the first time in the UK, audiences will experience 10 selected representative stage works from Asia in cinemas and online.

The combination of stage and screen is a global language that will help improving dialogue via a mutual passion in performing arts.

Global Stage on Screen ™ is a new programme initiative brought to you by NGO UK-China Film Collab and ATW, featuring 10 HD recordings of recent top stage and dance productions from East Asia. Many of these are well-known western classics, in an Eastern interpretation, and some of these are original stories that are less familiar local audience.

Performing groups in this programme include the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre and the National Ballet of China.

Repertoires will include “Giselle”, “Uncle Vanya”, “Electra” and many more. Asia has a rapidly growing stage arts audience, the average age for this crowd is under thirty-five. They appreciate both western classics and original local productions. They certainly have an appetite to see the world.

Appearing for the first time in the UK, Global Stage on Screen ™ will show you a glimpse of the top of the region performing arts from a faraway land. The touring programme will provide you an opportunity to share your passion for stage with audiences from another continent.

The season will launch with a UK Premiere screening of the HD recording of “Giselle” in London, followed by 9 other screenings both in cinemas across the country and online.





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Global Stage on Screen™:

Running Time: 103 mins
Produced by National Ballet of China
Director: Ying Feng  | Producer: Ying Feng
Choreography by Marius Petipa/Sir Anton Dolin
(Based on the Jean Coralli/ Jules Perrot version)
Music: Adolphe Adam
Giselle: Yunting Qiu
Albrecht: Sicong Wu 

Giselle is an all-time favourite for ballet fans, but have you seen an Eastern interpretation of this Western classic?

In 1960, the National Ballet of China staged its first performance of the Romantic classic Giselle, which has since been regarded as one of three founding repertoires. For the first time on screens in the UK and worldwide, this will be a rare chance for you to have a truly global experience of ballet.

After all these years, Giselle is still being performed to date to millions of audiences within the country and internationally.

Giselle, a young and innocent peasant girl falls in love with Albrecht, a Duke who hides his royal identity from her. When Giselle discovers she has been deceived, she is driven to madness, and dies of a broken heart.

Global Stage on Screen™:

Running Time: 66 mins
Artistic Director: Ying Feng
Playwright-Director: Bo Fei, Zhenxin Zhang, Sizheng Wang, Cong Ma (Invited)
Composer: Xia Guan (Invited)
CAST: Yunting Qiu/XIaodong Ma/Yan Xu/Mengying Fang/Xinlu Zhan/Ruichen Sun/Wentao Li/Sicong Wu/Zhuming Chen/Xi Zhang/Jiyu Wang/Haifeng Sun 

When the toes of the feet touch the notes.
When the mind mingles with space and time.
When the breath is connected to the spirit.
When the body and civilisation work together.

This is a modern ballet that represents and dedicated to modern China and its trans-formative years. 

Global Stage on Screen™:
Writing in Water

Running Time: 115 mins
Playwright: Stan Lai
Director: Stan Lai
Cast: Jiong He, Yici Huang

By one of the most prominent stage directors in Asia, Writing in Water is the first production of commercial Chinese theatre to screen as live content to cinemas worldwide.

This screen version was filmed by Serpent Productions (Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert).

The story follows the extraordinary journey of He Shi. He comes back to Hong Kong after his studies in the UK to start the Happyology programme, hoping that he can introduce a richer spiritual fulfilment to the people’s minds. However, he feels discouraged by his business partner Xiao Xiao and her boyfriend Wei, who have their mind set solely on profit.

He Shi comes across a mysterious little girl when he’s about to inherit an old beach house from his late mother.

Together with the little girl, He Shi embarks on a spiritual journey which enables him to experience life on an unimaginable level.

Global Stage on Screen™:

Running Time: 85 minutes
Director: Qian Ma
Cast: Peiyu Wang

This is possibly your first experience with Peking Opera.

Xiaodong Meng’s last performance of “Sacrifice” created a miracle in the history of Chinese Peking Opera and even the history of Chinese drama. 71 years later, Peiyu Wang, the star of modern Peking Opera stage, performed the same play, on the same date and at the same place. Everything from the performance, singing, band to stage presentation was exactly the same as the previous version.

The audience was all in awe in the theatre, and maybe you will be too.

Global Stage on Screen™:

Running Time: 130 minutes
Produced by Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre
Producer: Huiqing Zhang
Artistic Director: Rongjun Yu
Playwright: Sophocles [Ancient Greece] | Script Translation: Luo Tong
Director: Michail Marmarinos [Greek]
Cast: Yilin Fan, Chentao Li, Shan Chen, Duo Mai, Yicheng Wang, Qi Zhang, Tingchao Zhou, Kun Si, Mei You, Yichen Liu, Jing Zhang, Shan Zhang, Qi Liu
Live Sheng Performance: Zifan Dai
Live Double-barrelled Flute Performance: Qicheng Cai

To stage lovers, this is not an unfamiliar story, but have you seen an Asian interpretation of this Greek classic?

Alexander the Great did go that far for his diplomacy.

Electra is a classic play by Sophocles, one of the three great tragic poets of ancient Greece.

Agamemnon returned from Troy in triumph, but was murdered by his wife, Clytemnestra, and her adulterer, Ecclesiastes. Fearing for the fate of her brother Orestes, her eldest daughter Electra secretly sent him to Chrysa in the region of Phocis.

Eight years later, Elektra is reunited with Orestes, who has returned to his homeland, and an epic of revenge is unleashed.

Global Stage on Screen™:
Under the Roofs of Shanghai

Running Time: 122 minutes
Produced by Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre
Producer: Huiqing Zhang
Artistic Director: Rongjun Yu
Playwright: Yan Xia
Director: Xiaodi Wang
Cast: Peng Liu/ Xin Gu/ Rong Gao/ Chong Fu/ Ye Zhu/ Jingling Xu/ Yilin Fan/ Zi Wang/ Jing Wu/ Yi He/ Chen Huang/ Jiabao Wang/ Ziyue Lin/ Penglin Yu/ Zixuan Fang

The unemployed university student, the woman who is forced to sell herself, the primary school teacher who can barely make ends meet, the old newspaper vendor whose son died in the war, all these people live under one “roof” in Shanghai, just as one symphony of the ordinary life of the “little people”.

Suitable for those who currently live in a shared house.

Global Stage on Screen™:
Uncle Vanya

Running Time: 145 minutes
Produced by Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre
Producer: Shaolin Yang
Artistic Director: Liang Lv
Playwright: Anton Chekhov | Script translation: Shakin
Director: Adorf Shapiro
Cast: Liang Lv/ Meiting Ding/ Yemang Zhou/ Jiaoying Chen/ Chengxian Xu/ Yuzhi Zheng/ Chentao Li/ Chunfeng Liu/ Jundong. Wang

Family drama is nothing new, here comes the classic tangle.

Out of respect and admiration for his brother-in-law, Professor Serebryakov, Vanya gave up his own personal happiness and, together with his niece Sonia, worked hard to run the estate and support the professor. When his sister dies, the professor retires and returns to the estate with his beautiful new wife, Yelena. However, his eccentric habits have made a mess of life on the estate.

At the same time, the seductive Yelena attracts the attention of Vanya and the country doctor Astenov, which makes the professor’s daughter Sonia, who has always been in love with Astenov, sad.

Vanya eventually discovers that his brother-in-law, whom he has always admired, is just an extremely selfish and flamboyant mediocrity. Disillusioned, Uncle Vanya pulls a gun on his brother-in-law…

Global Stage on Screen™:

Running Time: 105 minutes
Produced by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre
Playwright: Kwok Wing Hong
Director: Fong Chun Kit
Cast: Lui Si Lan/ Ko Hon Man

Soon after she starts her job, a new principal establishes a host of new rules, upsetting her staff and her students. Gossip swirls that the new principal and vice principal are at loggerheads, poisoning the atmosphere. An accident involving a student leads to the popular vice principal’s transfer.

This angers the students, who demand that the authorities officially explain the circumstances and administer justice. A campus crisis is about to explode. Exams are looming, yet a student movement is about to unfold.

How should the principal, vice principal, teachers, school board, student council and students handle the crisis?

Will they accept the truth they strive to uncover?

Global Stage on Screen™:

Running Time: 98 minutes
Produced by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre
Playwright: Matthew Cheng
Director: Fong Chun Kit
Cast: Lau Shau Ching, Yiyi Zhao

Outside a kindergarten, a chance encounter over a mobile screenshot connects middle-aged Chan Chi Yung with Wang Xia, a housewife. Their ordinary lives continue while their children have fun together in the playground.

They chat about this and that as waves of emotions surface. Playwright Matthew Cheng focuses on minute details that challenge the precarious boundary between love and lethargy.

Ambiguous won Best Original Script at the 30th Hong Kong Drama Awards and the 2023 Shanghai One Drama Awards.

Global Stage on Screen™:
The Diary of Song

Running Time: 125 minutes
Produced by: Hong Kong Repertory Theatre
Playwright: Poon Wai Sum
Director: Poon Wai Sum
Cast: Lee Chun Chow

“Our entire generation is trapped by fate. We all share a troubled past…”

The story begins with Wu Song fighting a tiger in Jingyang Pass. After joining the heroes in Liang Mountain, he is crestfallen, recognising that life in the barren hills is monotonous and uninspiring. While leader Song Jiang bides his time waiting for the Emperor’s pardon, Li Kui (aka “Black Tornado”) rushes to the capital ready to kill.

Whether by coincidence or thanks to destiny, Wu Song now has a mission: leading the team to bring Li back to the fold.

Will they succeed?

Screening dates are to be announced soon, please stay tune.

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