Chinese short film Green Ocean receives World Premiere at Genesis Cinema as part of Raindance Film Festival.

Under the shade of roadside trees, Qin once again watches the bus pull away, filled with longing, then embarked on the return journey home. Since marrying Cheng at seventeen, she and their daughter have been living a modest yet joyful life in rural China. The lush fields, vast like the ocean, nurture her but also seem to hold her back. Deep down, Qin has always longed to study in the city and has even been accepted into a college. Cheng, living with a disability, doesn’t want to burden his wife, while his mother hopes that their marriage and child will keep Qin with them. In this silent struggle, Qin is faced with a choice that will define her destiny.

Original Title:  Green Ocean | Director: Zhang Chong | China | 2024 | 20 Minutes | World Premiere

Cast: Du Xian, Zhang Chong

Writer: Zhang Chong, Yang Zijia | Producer: Meng Zhong, Qiao Yuchen | Director of Photography: Li Jianyu | Editor: Zhang Chong, Huang Kaihan | Music: Zhou Hui