The tve Global Sustainability Film Awards (GSFA) recognises outstanding films from the business, non-profit, media and creative sectors that inspire audiences with real-world solutions for a more sustainable future. Now in its tenth year, the awards promote powerful, effective storytelling that helps contribute to the building of a more just and sustainable future.

The environmental crisis facing the world is as much a communications problem as a scientific one. We believe film can be a powerful tool for helping raise awareness, shift public opinion, and inspire action to protect our planet and transform our societies.

The GSFA is both a film award and a sustainability award. It is unique because entries are judged on the power of their storytelling and creativity, as well as on the credibility and impact of their content.

Submissions are welcome from businesses and organizations, as well as filmmakers, creatives and other storytellers from all around the world as long as the films focus on delivering sustainable solutions that are relevant in today’s context. Key lessons learnt from the winning films are made publicly available to encourage the sharing of sustainable solutions and impact-driven film communications for the planet.

Television for the Environment (tve) tve is a UK-registered charity founded by the United Nations Environment Programme, WWF-UK, and Central Television (now part of ITV) in 1984.

The organisation uses the power of storytelling to drive real world change for a more sustainable future.

They receive unrestricted funding support from individuals and organisations. Funding for individual projects comes from a wide range of organisations and commissioners.

tve works with filmmakers and partners worldwide to run media projects, make films and work to promote effective, evidence-based storytelling about environmental issues.

For more information about the Awards and submission, please visit here.

tve is a partner of UK-China Film Collab.