On October 16, the 6th Handle Climate Change Film Festival (HCCFF) opened in Shenzhen, China. This year, the 6th HCCFF lasted for a week, from October 15th to 22nd. The week-long activity consisted of professional forums, award ceremony, screenings, lectures and exhibitions.

Opening ceremony of the 6th HCCFF 

Zhang Liwei, secretary of the Longgang District Committee, and Jiang Yuyang, deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress, gave welcome speeches at the event. Wang Qiang, minister of the Publicity Department of Shenzhen government announced the opening.

Other speechers included Lu Xinmin, deputy director of the Department of Climate Change and Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Liu Yanhua, director of the National Expert Committee on Climate Change and former vice minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Zhou Jian, former vice minister of the Ministry of Environment Protection and chairman of the China Film Foundation, Zhang Pimin, former vice director of SARFT Bureau, and Ma Keqing, former Chinese ambassador to Finland, Philippines, the Czech Republic.

As for the professional forum, the theme of the main forum was “Decarbonization Lead to a Green Future”. Over 300 representatives from the government, science institutions, enterprises, NGOs and media were invited to jointly expand professional exchanges among their fields under the background of carbon emission peaking and carbon neutrality.

Xie Zhenhua makes a video remark

China’s special climate envoy Xie Zhenhua sent a video message to express his congratulations and expectations to the 6th HCCFF. He said, “I hope you will make further progress, forge ahead, strive to make innovations, continuously improve scientific and professional levels, give consideration to both international and domestic aspects, gather wisdom and support from all directions, and jointly build a folk cooperation and exchange platform on climate change with global influence and leadership in Shenzhen, a fertile land of reform and opening-up.”

Moreover, distinguished guests including Liu Zhenmin, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, Wu Hongbo, Special Representative of the Chinese Government for European affairs, Erik Solheim, former Secretary of UNEP, and Yvo de Boer, former secretary of the UNFCCC, sent their messages via letters or videos to congratulate the opening of the 6th HCCFF and encourage the climate communication actions via films.

In addition, there were three sub-forums, with the themes of “Building Zero Carbon Community, The Practice of Carbon Neutral”, “Build a Carbon Inclusive Platform and Advocate Low Carbon Actions for All”, and “How to Play the Role of Carbon Market and Carbon Finance Against the Double-Carbon Background” respectively.

The Center for Environmental Education and Communications of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Energy Investment Committee, the Investment Association of China separately signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Innovative Research Institute of Science Popularization, Shenzhen(IRISP), the founder of HCCFF. Moreover, IRISP joined force with a group of organizations including China Computer Federation-Virtual Reality and Visualization Technology (CCF-TCVR) and together launched the “Climate Film and Television Communication Partnership Program Initiative”. The initiative aims to build consensus, create a cross-border cooperation platform, and attract diverse propaganda means to focus and combat climate change. While concluding and presenting the latest and best practices against climate change, it also leads a new generation of climate spreading technological development.

The 6th HCCFF has received submissions of 1,550 films from 107 countries all over the world, 24 of which were selected through strict selections. The award ceremony was held in the evening of October 16th. The Plastic Turtle (Colombia) , Hluleka (South Africa), I Use Light and Shadow for the Earth Biography (China) won the Bronze Award. Forest-Coast-City ( Tailand) and Austria’s Coal Conundrum (Singapore) win the Silver Award. Field Notes from A Natural Shenzhen (China) won the Gold Award at the 6th HCCFF.

Green Life Fair

In the exhibition section, a newly added program named “Green Life Fair” was launched. Green products from 50 different organizations were exhibited with items and pictures, covering the fields of food, clothing, shelter, transportation and application. The exhibition aimed to appeal people to realize the close relationship between personal low carbon behaviors and achieving carbon neutrality . Meanwhile,  it leads the new trend of green and sustainable lifestyle.

The exhibition lasted from October 15th to November 15th, while lectures and screening activities are still available in schools and communities for the public of Shenzhen.

(Picture provided by Handle Climate Change Film Festival)