The 4th Hainan Island International Film Festival opened on 18 December and will close on 25 December, Christmas Day. Apart from being nominated for the Golden Coconut Awards, several UK or UK co-produced films have also been selected for the festival’s official programme. What are they?

Out of Competition

Fest Best

This strand showcases a collection of critically acclaimed and award-winning films throughout the year. Presenting the world with a broad perspective in a global vision.

All The Beauty and The Bloodshed|2022|Laura Poitras|USA

Burning Days|2022|Emin Alper|Turkey/France/Germany

Godland|2022|Hlynur Pálmason|Iceland

In Viaggio|2022|Gianfranco Rosi|Italy

JEONG-SUN|2022|Jeong Ji-hye|South Korea

Leonora Addio|2022|Paolo Taviani|Italy

Master Gardener|2022|Paul Schrader|USA

Matter out of Place|2022|Nikolaus Geyrhalter|Austria

Mutzenbacher|2022|Ruth Beckermann|Austria

My Imaginary Country|2022|Patricio Guzmán|Chile /France

Safe Place|2022|Juraj Lerotić|Croatia

Tinnitus|2022|Gregorio Graziosi|Brazil

Un Couple|2022|Frederick Wiseman|USA/France

Walk Up|2022|Sang-soo Hong|South Korea

War Pony|2022|Gina Gammell/Riley Keough|USA

When the waves are gone|2022|Lav Diaz|Philippines/France/Denmark/Portugal

Winter Boy|2022|Christophe Honoré|France


Rheingold|2022|Fatih Akin|Germany/The Netherlands/Morocco/Mexico

Tora’s Husband|2022|Rima Das|India

Riceboy Sleeps|2022|Anthony Shim|Canada

Almost Love|2022|Anurag Kashyap|India/UK


Panorama include films of all kind with an open mind. This strand presents works which would bring the audience both audiovisual Entertainment and artistic reflections. Invite audiences to cross boundaries and go on a stunning global journey through the screen.

Ajoomma|2022|He Shuming|Singapore/South Korea

ある男|2022|Kei Ishikawa|Japan

And So l’m at a Loss|2022|Daisuke Miura|Japan

Arnold Is A Model Student|2022|Thailand/Singapore/France/The Netherlands/Philippines

メタモルフォーゼの縁側|2022|Shunsuke Kariyama|Japan

Blue Jean|2022|Georgia Oakley|UK

Casa Susanna | 2022 | Sebastien Lifshitz | France/USA

Kind Hearts | 2022 | Olivia Rochette /Gerard-Jan Claes | Belgium

Luxembourg, Luxembourg | 2022 | Antonio Lukich | Ukraine

More Than Ever | 2022 | Emily Atef | France/German /Luxembourg/Norway

マイ・ブロークン・マリコ | 2022 | Yuki Tanada | Japan

The Hummingbird | 2022 | Francesca Archibugi | Italy/France

Lord of The Ants | 2022 | Gianni Amelio | Italy

The Mountain | 2022 | Thomas Salvador | France

Knots | 2022 | Oleg Khamokov | Russia

Building | 2022 | Ju Anqi | China

Keep Running | 2022 | Sun Geting | China

New Horizons

The New Horizons strand set a particular focus on films with diverse and avant views. Welcoming auteurs using the image as a stage of cinema genres and the exploration of the audiovisual medium.

EAMI | 2022 | Paz Encina | Paraguay/Argentina/Mexico/Germany/France/Netherlands/USA

It is Night in America | 2022 | Ana Vaz | France/Brazil/Italy

Happer’s Comet | 2022 | Tyler Taormina | USA

Navigators | 2022 | Noah Teichner | France

The Adventures of Gigi the Law | 2022 | Alessandro Comodin | Italy/Belgium/France

He Divine Comet | 2022 | Mimmo Paladino | Italy

The Future Tense | 2022 | Christine Molloy/Joe Lawlor | Ireland

Trip To Lost Days | 2022 | Shen Ruilan | Singapore


This strand features classic films that reflect the aesthetics of cinema and bring back our memory of the silver screen.

Alphaville | 1965 | Jean-Luc Godard | France

Le Mépris | 1963 | Jean-Luc Godard | France

Pierrot le fou | 1965 | Jean-Luc Godard | France

Fragments of conversations with Jean-Luc Godard | 2007 | Alain Fleischer | France

Abschied | 2000 | Jan Schütte | Germany

Auf Wiedersehen Amerika | 1995 | Jan Schütte | Germany

Dragon’s Chow | 1987 | Jan Schütte | Germany

Winckelmanns Reisen | 1990 | Jan Schütte | Germany

A Moment of Romance | 1990 | Benny Chan | HongKong, China

The Heroic Trio | 1993 | Johnnie To | HongKong, China

Executioners | 1993 | Johnnie To | HongKong, China

RAGTAG | 2022 | Giuseppe Boccassini | Germany/France/Italy

Branded to Kill | 1967 | Seijun Suzuki | Japan#

Screening by the Sea

This signature event allows audiences to get away from hustle and bustle, and to the chill shores with breeze and sunset. We will bring carefully selected films to our screenings by the sea, which will take you on a remarkable journey you will never forget!

Rob-B-Hood|2006|Benny Chan|Hongkong, China

The Myth|2005|Stanley Tong|Hongkong, China

New Police Story|2004|Benny Chan|Hongkong, China

Happiness|2016|Andy Lo|Hongkong, China

The Beast Stalker | 2008 | Dante LAM | Hongkong, China

Paris,Texas | 1984 | Wim. Wenders | Germany/France/UK/USA

À l’abordage | 2020 | Guillaume Brac | France

Shall We Dance?|1996|Masayuki Suo|Japan

All Hands on Deck|2020|Guillaume Brac|France

Our Summer in Provence|2014|Rose Bosch|France

The Imitation Game | 2014 | Morten Tyldum | UK/USA

Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain | 2001 | Jean-Pierre Jeunet | France

Pierrot le fou | 1965 | Jean-Luc Godard | France

Online Screening with Huanxi Media

Arrhythmia | 2017 | Boris Khlebnikov | Russia

The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez | 2016 | Wim Wenders | Germany/ France/ Portugal

Before We Vanish | 2017 | Kiyoshi Kurosawa | Japan

Benzinho | 2018 | Gustavo Pizzi | Brazil

The Best of Dorien B | 2019 | Anke Blondé | Belgium

Gloria Mundi | Robert Guédiguian | 2019 | France/ Italy

The Insult | 2017 | Ziad Doueiri | Lebanon/ France/ Cyprus/ Belgium/ USA

It Must Be Heaven | 2019 | Elia Suleiman | France/ Qatar/ Germany/ Canada/ Turkey/ Palestine

Love at Least | 2018 | Kôsai Sekine | Japan

Never Look Away | 2017 | Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck | Germany/ Italy

See You Up There | 2019 | Albert Dupontel | France

Sorry, We Missed You | 2019 | Ken Loach | UK/ France/ Belgium

They Say Nothing Stays the Same | 2019 | Jô Odagiri | Japan

Transit | 2018 | Christian Petzold | Germany/ France

Wajib | 2018 | Annemarie Jacirl | Palestine/ France/ Colombia/ Germany/ UAE

Around the Island

The most enjoyable

Presents a feast of films of different genres. Set aside the mind’s burdens, and kick-start some exciting adrenaline-filled cinematic journeys.

16 Blocks|2006|Richard Donner|Germany

Diabolique|1955|Henri-Georges Clouzot |France

Dogman |2018|Matteo Garrone |France/Italy

Elle |2016|Paul Verhoeven|France/Germany/Belgium

Escape from Pretoria|2020|Francis Annan |UK/Australia

Peppermint Candy|2000|Lee Chang-dong|South Korea/Japan

The Wages of Fear|1953|Henri-Georges Clouzot|France/Italy

Reality Matters

Film, and its intriguing relationship with reality have always impacted us the most. The images that originated from our daily life are able to continuously bring us warmth in the corner cinema in the wintertime.

Hotel by the River|2018|Sang-soo Hong|South Korea

Life in a Day|2011|Kevin MacDonald|UK/USA

Luzzu |2021|Alex Camilleri|Malta

Our Last Tango|2015|Daniel Speck|Germany/Argentina/Italy

PLAN 75|2022|Chie Hayakawa|Japan/France/Philippines

Sorry We Missed You|2019|Ken Loach|UK/France/Belgium

Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t|1992|Masayuki Suo|Japan

The Chef of South Polar|2009|Shûichi Okita|Japan

The Velvet Queen|2021|Marie Amiguet|France


Rediscovers works heralded by both the critics and the masses, allowing popular classic films to re-emerge on the big screen.

After the Storm|2016|Hirokazu Kore-eda|Japan

All Hands on Deck|2020|Guillaume Brac|France

Black Cat, White Cat|1998|Емир Кустурица|Yugoslavia/France/Germany/Austria/Greece

France|2021|Bruno Dumont|France/Germany/Italy/Belgium

Oasis|2002|Lee Changdong|South Korea

Our Little Sister|2015|Hirokazu Kore-eda|Japan

Shall We Dance?|1996|Masayuki Suo|Japan

The Distinguished Citizen|2016|Mariano Cohn|Argentina/Spain

The Lobster|2015|Yorgos Lanthimos|Ireland/UK/Greece/France/the Netherlands

Her story

We explore the figures and power of women on the screen, finding her face and sounding her voice. Her narrative maybe your story as well, whether they are dealing with adolescence, romance, family, or career.

100 Yen’s Love|2014|Masaharu Take|Japan

Blue Hour|2019|Yuko Hakota|Japan

CALL JANE|2022|Phyllis Nagy|USA

The Moon Has Risen|1955|Kinuyo Tanaka|Japan

The Quiet Girl|2022|Colm Bairéad|Ireland

Warm Stories from the shore

The characters of these films all linger on the edges: some are struggling to live, some are facing turning points of their lives, and some are keeping themselves paralyzed. But the long journey is ultimately a return to pristine. These films are like warm hands that can caress your injured soul.

A Street Cat Named Bob|2016|Roger Spottiswoode|UK

Belle and Sebastian|2013|Nicolas Vanier|France

No Dogs or Italians Allowed|2022|Alain Ughetto|France/Italy/Switzerland

Our Summer in Provence|2014|Rose Bosch|France

Wim Wenders

He is one of the most highly-regarded filmmakers among the wave of “New German Film”. In the 1970s, he established his alienated yet tender auteur style through the “Road Movie trilogy”, ALICE IN THE CITIES, THE WRONG MOVEMENT and KINGS OF THE ROAD. In 1984, his film PARIS, TEXAS won the Golden Palm Award at Cannes Film Festival. His works span a wide range of genres such as documentaries and photography, including WINGS OF DESIRE, PINA, THE SALT OF THE EARTH, etc.

Paris, Texas|1994|Wim Wenders|Germany/France/UK/USA


Wings of Desire|1987|Germany/France