The UK-China Film Collab is currently working closely with Hainan International Film Festival 2020 to invite British films to enter this year’s virtual market screening.

I.  Introduction

The nascent H!Market Screening is a newly launched section within H!Market in 2020 Hainan Island International Film Festival. H!Market Screening consists of Market Screening and One-on-one Meeting, accepting feature-length films from worldwide that have finished shooting and still look for fund, distribution, marketing, sales agents, post-production and other business collaborations. All shortlisted films are to be screened internally towards the registered industry guests only.

H!Market Screening aims at building up an effective international platform for film projects collaboration and copyright trading, by gathering national and international industry companies that have mutual needs of exploring distribution channels and other business collaborations. All shortlisted films will have chances to maximize their internal visibility on the basis of security protection.

II.  Timeline

1.  H!Market Screening is open for application from September 7th, 2020 to October 26th, 2020 (UTC+8)

2.  The finalist of shortlisted films will be announced on November 2nd, 2020

3.  The scheduling of H!Market Screening will be published by the end of November, 2020

4.  The 2020 H!Market Screening will be held in December 2020, in Sanya, Hainan Island.

III.  Eligibility

Films  submitted  for  the  application  of  2020  Hainan  Island  International  Film   Festival · H!Market Screening are only eligible if they satisfy the following requirements:

1.  H!Market Screening only accepts feature length films, with a minimum running time of 70 minutes.

2.  The submitted film must be clear in copyrights and have own producer or sales agent or legal representative.

3.  The submitted film must have finished shooting and have needs for fund, distribution, marketing, sales agent, post-production and other business claims.

IV.  Application

1.  Applicants must apply on HIIFF official website via
2.  The applicant shall finish online registration by correctly completing the online application form prior to the deadline. No application will be considered after the deadline.
3.  Applicants must be responsible for any errors or omissions in the application materials. Applicants submitting incomplete or incorrectly completed forms may occur disqualification.
4.  H!Market Screening will not charge any application fee, but the shortlisted films will be charged a screening fee.
5.  H!Market Screening only accepts download links for online film samplers. The sampler file format should satisfy the following requirements:

(1)  Media formats in MOV or MP4;
(2) The video size should not exceed 5GB;
(3) The submitted video must contain a hard-coded watermark ‘2020 H!Market Screening’ (opacity of 30%) visible at the top right corner. The upload links must be encrypted;
(4) H!Market Screening reserves the right to reconsider and disqualify any film application with discrepancies between the sampler and the actual film.

6.  The applicant (or film representative) must ensure that he/she is the legal right holder or has obtained the consent of the legal film copyright holder(s) and other authorized representatives of the submitted film. The applicant must ensure that the application film and the submitted materials do not contain any defects in rights and has read, understood and agreed to the terms of this Charter. HIIFF is not responsible for any disputes caused by any infringement of this Article.

7.  Once submitted, all application documents and materials (including documents, media and information) will not be returned and will be only used for the Hainan Island International Film Festival · H!Market Screening.

V.  Shortlisted Films

1.  The finalist of 2020 H!Market Screening will be publicly announced on November 2nd, 2020 on HIIFF official website and official Wechat account. The shortlisted film representatives will be notified by email or telephone in advance. The applicant (film representative) must make sure the contact information is accurate and updated, and inform us in advance if there are any changes.

2.  The finalist of 2020 H!Market Screening will be ultimately reviewed and confirmed by HIIFF. HIIFF reserves the sole right of interpretation regarding the finalist.

3.  Once the submitted film is shortlisted by 2020 H!Market Screening, the shortlisted films shall provide high-definition film file with at least English subtitles and other supplementary materials according to the requirements notified by HIIFF H!Market Screening staff at the time of the finalist notification.

4.  Upon receiving the shortlisted notification, the film will need to pay the screening fee timely, according to the requirement of the HIIFF. The screening fees for different versions are shown below. Failure of the payment will be considered a waiver of the qualification of participation.

Full-length version (70 minutes and longer) | 6800 RMB/screening
30-minute version | 2400 RMB/screening

(including DCP format transforming service complying with the festival standard)

5.  After being shortlisted and the submission of the supplementary materials, any film shall not withdraw H!Market Screening for any reason.

6.  Each shortlisted film will be provided with 2 industry guest badges. The film representatives are entitled to participate in the official events and screenings within the limits of the badge.

7.  All shortlisted film representatives must physically attend all activities that belong to H!Market Screening during the festival.

VI.  About H!Market Screening

1.    Screenings

The H!Market Screening shortlisted films will be internally exhibited in the designated cinema. The applicant (film representative) can choose the version (length) to be exhibited (30-minute-long or full-length)

There will be no public ticketing for each market screening. The registered HIIFF industry guests are able to attend the screenings by making reservations following relevant rules. H!Market Screening will not affect the premiere situation of all shortlisted films. If the film on the finalist of H!Market Screening has also been nominated or shortlisted in HIIFF Golden Coconut Awards Competition, HIIFF Screening and H!Future New Talent Award, the film will be only provided with one-on-one meeting service and not be screened separately in H!Market Screening and no screening fee will be charged.

2.  One-on-one Meeting

Registered industry guests can book one-on-one meetings with interested films through online reservation (meeting slots are optional). One-on-one meeting will take place at the designated venue provided by HIIFF. At least one producer or representative of the screened film is required to attend the meeting.

3.  Other Events
Apart from the shortlisted film screenings, networking parties and other events organized by the H!Market Screening will be open to the representatives of annual H!Market Screening shortlisted films.

VII.  Supplementary Provisions

1.  Industry guest badge can be purchased from HIIFF official website.

2.  By submitting to H!Market Screening, the applicants acknowledge that they have read the 2020 Hainan Island International Film Festival · H!Market Screening Charter (the ‘Charter’) and agree to abide by this Charter.

3.  Hainan Island International Film Festival reserves the right to the final interpretation of the Articles in this Charter and other affairs not included hereof.