A re-edit version of BBC’s Planet Earth III will appear as a feature film across Chinese cinemas from 27 July. Will it be a success?

As the biggest media exporter from the UK to China, BBC continues to find new ways to capture this enormous market. While the Planet Earth series have already been very popular in China and many families have seen them via online streaming, a new ambitious endeavor will begin a new experiment for the national studio. Hostile Paradise or Perfect Hell is a re-cut edition from Planet Earth III as a feature documentary. It has recently granted a slot for a national release across cinemas from 27 July, distributed by China Film Co.

Will its box-office overtake BBC’s previous record, Earth: One Amazing Day in 2017 (the highest grossed documentary in China to date)? The BBC certainly shows an interest in the Chinese box-office, not only its streaming world.

Let’s wait and see.