Shanghai hosts another European cinema showcase, Hungary Film Masters Season (December 11 – 19).

As part of the celebration of Hungary cinema’s 120th anniversary, Shanghai Art Film Federation presents a masters season to showcase 8 films by different Hungarian directors. Shanghai Art Film Federation regularly hosts foreign film seasons in the city and it is under the management of Shanghai Film Distribution and Exhibition Association, a partner of UK-China Film Collab.

Here is the full programme of this year’s Hungary Film Masters Season (December 11 – 19):

People of the Mountains (Dir. István Szőts, 1942)

Merry-go-Around (Dir. Zoltán Fábri, 1956_

Apa(Dir. István Szabó, 1966)

The Day Has Gone (Dir. Márta Mészáros, 1968)

Binding Sentiments (Dir. Márta Mészáros, 1969)

Winter Wind (Dir. Miklós Jancsó, 1969)

The Upthrown Stone (Dir. Sándor Sára, 1969)

Foam Bath (Dir. György Kovásznai, 1980)


As UK-China Film Collab always advocate, the UK is behind Europe in promoting its national cinema in China, the biggest consumption market for foreign language films. We are committed to inventing solutions and support mechanism to tackle this challenge. We are open to potential partners to get in touch with us to explore how we can make British cinema more visible to the Chinese audience.