An interview conducted by the Chinese Film Market magazine with Cine Asia’s Cedric Behrel.

CFM: You have distributed a lot of Chinese films in Europe, especially in UK, including YOUTH, WOLF WARRIOR, and DETECTIVE CHINATOWN, etc. From your experience in distribution, what do you think the European audiences and buyers are interested in in Chinese films? 

Cedric Behrel: I don’t necessarily know what other buyers are looking for. I know what I’m looking for. I’m looking for products that will have commercial appeal in China and will appeal to the Chinese expatriates overseas but can also cross over. The principal aim is to have films that can do well in China and to be able to surf on the word of mouth the film is getting online. So for us to be able to release day and date and benefit from around the world, it needs to have such an involvement in China, so that’s what we are looking for.

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Cine Asia is an industry partner of the UK-China Film Collaboration Project.