Juanze Wang from the University of Warwick has been selected to join UK-China Film Collab as a member via the organisation’s Future Talent Programme 2021-2022.

Here is Juanze’s introduction to herself and her project for this year:

“I am currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Warwick, where I am due to complete my PhD Creative industry. I am working on a dissertation titled: Recognition and development of Creativity on the value chain of the UK film industry. I collect data by conducting semi-structured qualitative interviews with local UK filmmakers and investors. Those qualitative interviews provide me with a deeper understanding of filmmakers in the UK and the context they worked under with. My research has led me to identify the factors and mechanisms that blocked the recognition and development of creative artefacts within the group creative process in the film industry. As a result, my passion lies in using my expertise and knowledge to improve the success rate in producing films, especially under the coproduction context, where involved a high level of risks and uncertainty. I, therefore, want to transfer my knowledge in developing creative people and facilitating the creative process to this programme by setting up an incubator.

The application will be open to calling for filmmakers from both countries, and expects will be invited as guest speakers to share their knowledge in different fields. In each week, an online seminar will be held with designed topics from pre-production to distribution stage. At the age of 16, started my boarding school life in Oxford, where I found myself immersed in a culturally varied background as I made friends world wild, thus furthering my perception of cultural diversity. As a result, my desire to understand and bridge communication between different cultures grew exponentially as I wanted to find a way to represent and incorporate the diverse viewpoints of our generation. Therefore, I believe my interest and vision is aligned with the mission of the UK-China Film Collab, funding the collaboration in the film between UK and China. With a clear vision, I believe my knowledge in cultural industry and creativity will allow me to contribute to developing creative people and products under the cooperation of both sides. In short, my vision in the UK-China Film Collab is to develop young creative people from both countries, as they are the people who generate and create content in this arena and I believe my knowledge, experience and expertise will contribute to this vision.”

Contact Juanze: juanze.wang@ukchinafilm.uk