As part of the Chinese Cinema Season, the UK-China Film Collab have organised and will host 9 discussion panels during the festival period, between February and April. Dedicated to a wide range of topics, they aim to extend debate and enquiry regarding challenges and possibilities in film-related exchange between the two countries.

Panel 4: The Colour of the Sky After Rain: An Evening with Lady Tessa Keswick

Date & Time: 26th February, 18:00 – 19:00 GMT | Format: Live on Zoom

You can now catch up with the panel’s recording here.

Tessa Keswick first travelled to China in 1982 and immediately fell in love with its history, culture and landscape.

Over the next thirty years, she travelled extensively in China, visiting its temples and landmarks, the sites of its most famous battles, and the birthplaces of its best-known poets and philosophers. She also witnessed China’s transformation, as hundreds of millions were lifted out of poverty and the country emerged as an economic superpower in waiting.

Keswick’s observations of life in China are perceptive and full of insight. Her narrative is rich in microhistories of people encountered and places visited. By presenting a colourfully woven tapestry of contrasting experiences and localities, she allows the reader to glimpse the sheer diversity of China and its vast population.

A multi-textured and revealing survey of the world’s largest country, as seen through one woman’s eyes, The Colour of the Sky After Rain offers a compelling portrait of China in an age of radical change, and charts the key staging posts in its recent, remarkable history.

In this event, you will not only meet Lady Keswick the author virtually, but she will also be accompanied by distinguished guests.

Opening Address: Minister Chen Wen – Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom

Introduction: Professor Rana Mitter – Director of the University of Oxford China Centre

Keynote: Lady Tessa Keswick – Author of The Colour of the Sky After Rain

Host: Dr Hiu Man Chan – Director of UK-China Film Collab

The views expressed by panellists do not necessarily reflect those held by the UK- China Film Collab nor Chinese Cinema Season.

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