What achievements have the London Film School international graduates gained recently? 

London Film School (LFS) has long been recognised as a hub for nurturing exceptional filmmaking talents from around the world. Among the many accolades and achievements of LFS students, their accomplishments at film festivals have stood out remarkably.

Celebrating LFS Talents

Over the years, LFS has produced many gifted filmmakers who have made significant contributions to the global film industry. In China’s major film festivals, LFS students and alumni have certainly left their mark. Some of the standout filmmakers who have garnered recognition at film festivals in China include:

Zhizi Hao refined his craft of directing during an MA in filmmaking at LFS with a BAFTA China-UK Scholarship in 2017. His film “A Firecracker Story” earned a nomination for Best Live Action Short Film at the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) in 2021, among other international accolades. 

Wu Shuang, also an LFS graduate, saw her debut feature film “Summer Diary” featured at the Beijing International Film Festival and the FIRST International Film Festival. She also played a pivotal role in the China-Kazakhstan co-production “The Musician”, which opened the Tiantan Award section at the Beijing International Film Festival. 

Following Zhizi and Shuang’s footsteps, Zeng Huaqian, a recent LFS graduate, has also received a nomination at the Shanghai International Film Festival 2023. Her graduation film, “The Long Journey,” directed and written by her and produced by her LFS classmate Qianye Li, has earned a lot of good reviews during the festival. Meanwhile, SIFF has also screened another LFS grad film “Talking to the River” by Yue Pan, which premiered earlier this year at Cannes.

Reputable Film Festivals in China

For film school students in the UK looking to submit their works, here are some renowned film festivals for you to shine!

Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF)

The Shanghai International Film Festival is the largest film festival in Asia, and was also China’s longest-running international cinema event. SIFF takes an open mind to gather, present and support excellent film works at home and abroad, and contribute to promoting China’s progress in the film industry.



Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival (PIFF)

Founded in 2017 by Jia Zhangke, PIFF is held annually in the 2,800-year-old ancient city of Pingyao. On the basis of screening outstanding films from all over the world, the Pingyao International Film Festival pays particular attention to discovering and actively promoting the outstanding works of young directors from developing countries, and providing a platform for these films to make their voices heard. PIFF aims at connecting filmmakers from all over the world, so as to activate and flourish the world’s cinema creativity.


FIRST International Film Festival (FIFF)

Founded in 2006, FIFF is a platform that focuses on discovering and promoting young filmmakers and their works. Since its inception, it has become an arena and laboratory for debut films and a centre for youth film culture.



Welcoming ALL New Film  Students

Welcome to the UK and we hope that you are excited about your studies.

Film festivals are great testing grounds for film students to examine their ideas and techniques. Participation in  festivals not only leads to international recognition and an enhanced reputation but also paves the way for increased support in future projects and career advancement. Moreover, these events offer an exceptional opportunity to establish connections with industry experts, facilitating potential collaborations and career prospects within China’s flourishing film industry and beyond

For Chinese film students studying in the UK, film festivals provide a unique stage to bridge the gap with their homeland’s culture, allowing them to showcase their creativity to an audience that deeply appreciates and understands their cultural background.

In addition to these major film festivals in China, please also consider our annual film festival in the UK, Odyssey. Call for submissions coming soon.