Lily Collinson from the Lancaster University was selected to join UK-China Film Collab as a member via the organisation’s Future Talent Programme 2021-2022.

Here is Lily’s introduction to herself and her one-year project:

“Introduction Hello, I’m Lily! I am currently beginning my second year of Chinese and Spanish Studies at Lancaster University. In my first year I became enthralled with Chinese film, blockbuster and arthouse alike, but noticed a distinct lack of availability of Chinese films in the UK. Having written for film and poetry journals during my time at Lancaster, I believe the written word can spark the conversations needed to bring Chinese film to the forefront in the UK. During my time at UCFC, I would like to further explore the Chinese film industry whilst contributing to discussion within the international film community.

My project at UCFC aims to initiate a cultural exchange between China and the UK. I will curate and contribute to a film journal in which British students are invited to write content on Chinese films and Chinese students to write on British films. This content will include academic essays, film reviews and interviews with film students and filmmakers. In producing this journal, I endeavour to facilitate wider discussion of film from each country, both during and after the production of the journal, and to stimulate interest in international film.”

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Lily’s Contribution to UCFC:

A discussion panel titled “Twin Flame: the Reception of British Cinema Among a Chinese Audience” as part of the Odyssey: a Chinese cinema season 2022.