Liv Brewster-Ellis is a student studying Creative Industries Enterprise MSc at De Montfort University. She has recently submitted her final project, a report on “Insanely Supplanted Asians” in films. UK-China Film Collab was the host company for her project. We commissioned and supported Liv’s research and report. Liv has now successfully completed her placement at UCFC as part of her studies.

Report Title:

“Insanely Supplanted Asians: Exploring How Hollywood has Progressed from American-ising Chinese Culture to portraying the Culture with Correct Casting of Asian Actors in Films”

Here is Liv’s introduction to her project and a summary on her research experience:

“I have just finished studying Creative Enterprises MSc at De Montfort University (DMU). I also have an undergraduate degree in Drama Studies, also from DMU, so drama and the arts have always been a great passion of mine. While studying this year for my masters, the opportunity to study the film market, in various ways arose and this became something I was desperately interested to learn more about.

This project is something I became passionate about the more I researched and allowed me to explore an area of film I haven’t before. This report allowed me to reveal and study how culture and social ideologies are often intertwined and influenced by film and vice versa, creating a strong relationship between the two. Films allow audiences to experience worlds that they otherwise may not explore and creates connections between people, bringing communities together. I aim within my work to look at ways culture can accurately be portrayed worldwide to influence the way people view culture and its stereotypes, particularly focussing on Chinese culture. I hope this enables people to be aware of the inequalities that still exist within the film market and hold others accountable for their mistakes.

This is a project I am very passionate about and is something I will continue to explore.”

The full report will be available to download soon here.

Liv is now open for new opportunities and can be contacted here.