UK-China Film Collab to co-organise the first in person social networking event for Chinese filmmakers in the UK, it will include post-screening discussions.

2019 and 2020 have been the most challenging years for filmmakers globally.

For Chinese filmmakers outside of China have indeed encountered several difficulties.

We may struggle to increase our budget allocation due to the pandemic,

Lack of opportunities for cooperation on global production,

Have to adjust offline filmmaking classes to online learning,

Or there is no place to screen your graduate project film which you have put lots of effort into.


If you are experiencing these difficulties,

If you are confused about entering the film industries

If you have any questions relating to filmmaking and film finance

If you want to communicate with more friends who have the same ambitions as you,

Please stay tuned for the first networking event for Chinese filmmakers in the UK.


Co-organised by UK-China Film Collab and UK LAVE,

We aim to provide a platform

For graduates to show their talents,

For experts to share their experiences in the film industry

For filmmakers to communicate and learn with each other.

Together, we can concentrate on what talented and ambitious Chinese filmmakers can bring to the UK.


About the Event

1. Chinese Filmmakers Networking Event 2022

This event will be divided into three parts: Short films screening, Post-screening Discussion and Social Networking. We will update more information in January 2022. So please stay tuned to our official accounts.

2. Call for Short Films

The call for short films is now open! We welcome all Chinese filmmakers in the UK to submit their film projects. The finalists can screen their films in a special short films exhibition programme, discuss their works with peers, the audiences and experts from film industry. We will select three quality films to show at the event. There is no genre (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental films, etc.) or premier requirement. There is no registration fee.

3. Submission qualifications

3.1 Filmmakers (director/producer/screenwriter) are Chinese (both culturally and nationally) film graduates or film students in the UK. At least one filmmaker of the film has to be in London to join the event in January 2022.

3.2 The film should be 5-30 minutes, containing the elements or background of the UK and/or China.

3.3 Applicants have to be the legal occupier of the film. We may ask you to provide documents.

3.4 After submission ends, registered films cannot be withdrawn from potential events.

4. Submission Guideline

Official submission link.

(When submitting your work, please make sure that the download link remains effective for 30 days)

5. Submission Time

The time for submission is from 20 December 2021 to 2 January 2022.

We will be based on the quality, themes, creativity to make our final decision. We will contact the chosen filmmakers about the upcoming screening by 15 Jan. 2022. Unfortunately, we will not reach the unsuccessful applicants. We appreciate your support!

6. Rights and Obligations

6.1 The organisers

6.1.1 The organiser is responsible for the confidentiality of the submitted artworks, but the outline of the submitted artworks can be displayed on the official account after confirmation by both parties.

6.1.2 The organizer has the right to publicize and screen the submitted artworks during the event.

6.2 The applicants

6.2.1 The applicant undertakes that he/she has the complete copyright of the submitted artworks all over the world or is authorized by the copyright owner in writing and can exercise the copyright mentioned above in accordance with the rules of this submission. The copyright of the submitted artworks shall be owned by the applicant;

6.2.2 The applicant promises that the submitted artworks are legitimate, do not violate the relevant laws and regulations of China and the UK, do not infringe the copyright and any other rights and interests of others, and do not infringe the legal rights of any third party.

* By submitting for the “Short Film Collection”, you will be deemed to acknowledge and accept this Article. The organizer reserves the right to interpret the above terms.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Event Organisers

UK-China Film Collab

The UK-China Film Collab Ltd (UCFC) is an independent non-profit organisation set up to inspire and invent film related collaboration and cutting edge debate between the UK and Greater China.

Project Lead: Yawen Liu | Email:


UK LAVE is a WeChat article channel about UK fashion, restaurant, cultural events and lifestyle. It also provides various interesting offline events to people living in the UK

Project Lead: Yirui Zhu | Email: