Martha Harwood from Lancaster University was selected to join UK-China Film Collab as a member via the organisation’s Future Talent Programme 2021-2022.

Here is Martha’s introduction to herself and her one-year project:

“Hello ! I’m a university student of French Studies with Chinese. I love film and am fascinated by Chinese culture, and I believe everyone else should be too! I think that the discussion of Chinese film is often dismissed in western media and academia, and I want to focus on changing this during my project.

I am going to write a report investigating the coverage of Chinese film in British journalism.  I want this report to open a conversation between film lovers, Sinophiles, journalists, writers and the public. I’d also like to use social media to engage further with the public, and I hope to start a UCFC newsletter to give people a starting point for understanding Chinese film and becoming involved in related events.

I hope that my project will get people reading about films in a new way, and hopefully inspire people to watch one or two Chinese films!”

Contact Martha:

Martha’s Contribution to UCFC:


M. Hardwood (2022), Special Report: An Investigation into the British Journalistic Coverage of the Best Performing Chinese Films in Mainland China Between 2012 and 2021

M. Hardwood (2022), Why do Chinese blockbusters struggle in Western journalism? 

M. Hardwood (2022), Hong Kong’s Cross Cultural Cinema: A discussion with Gary Bettinson

M. Hardwood (2022), Misrepresentation and Masculinity: A conversation with Dr Derek Hird on Chinese cinema

M. Hardwood (2022), Exporting Chinese Film: A Discussion with Professor Chris Berry

M. Hardwood (2022), Chinese Characters on Screen and the Power of ‘First Cow’: A discussion with Orion Lee

Discussion Panel:

A discussion panel titled “An Investigation into current press coverage of Chinese-language films in the UK” as part of the Odyssey: a Chinese cinema season 2022.