One of the most successful international blockbuster hits this year,  Moon Man, will be released in the UK from Friday 16 September across Odeon cinemas in major cities.

After being left unexpectedly on the moon, an asteroid destroys the earth, leaving Duguyue being the last person in existence.

Duration: 122 mins
Genre: Comedy / Science fiction
Director: Chiyu Zhang
Writer: Chiyu Zhang, Chenguang Qian, Si’ao Dai, Yuyue Shen, Seok Jo(original writer)
Cast: Teng Shen, Li Ma, Yuan Chang, Chengru Li, Cailun Huang, Jackie Li
Producers: Hongtao Liu Li Zhang
Production company: Beijing Kaixin Mahua Entertainment Culture Media, China Film Co, Alibaba Pictures Group, Shanghai Ruyi Film and Television Production Co, Maoyan Entertainment Xihong Film Culture (Tianjin)

The Moon Shield program was deployed on the moon to protect the Earth from asteroid impacts, Meteorite comes ahead soon full member evacuates urgently, because the accident the maintenance worker Dugu (Shen, Teng who is acted the role) missed the leader’s evacuate notice therefore he fell in the moon. Unexpectedly, the moon shield program failed. Dugu became “the last human in the universe” and begin his new life with challenges.

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