While most cinemas are still observing the market and its recovery across China, the second batch of re-release titles has now been announced.

According to the latest figure on March 23, 528 cinema sites reopened in China with 635 screenings and a total box-office of £2,504.41. 

After the first batch of re-release films became available from March 20 (with a special arrangement for cinemas to take 100% BO), to provide immediate contents for cinemas to programme, the second batch was also announced today. It includes:

March 25 (13 titles):

  1. BETTER DAYS (2019)
  4. BIG FISH & BEGONIA (2016)
  5. NE ZHA (2019)
  7. A DOG’S PURPOSE (2017)
  8. A DOG’S JOURNEY (2019)
  9. GO AWAY MR TUMOR (2015)
  10. WHITE SNAKE (2019)
  12. GREEN BOOK (2018)

Among all, there are three foreign titles.

March 26 (3 titles):

  1. MONSTER HUNT (2015)
  2. CZ 12 (2012)
  3. COCO (2017) [foreign]

So far, there are over 20 films have been arranged for a re-release as a way to support cinemas and their reopening ahead. Although Warner Brothers also announced the forthcoming re-release of HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER’s STONE (2001)’s 4K restoration + 3D, the exact date is yet confirmed. In my opinion, the current announced titles are not attractive enough for the audience. Most of these films are already on streaming platforms. Understandably, the choices of films might also depend on the negotiation with studios and the right holders regarding the special BO arrangement.

In order to have a greater encouragement, more films are needed, both new or classics which the audience haven’t seen for a while. Ideally, they should be films that are not available on VODs. The re-release date and window for THE AVENGER series have also been announced. All four films will be available between March 26 and June 28. So far, there is yet any new film available in the market. However, the National Alliance of Arthouse Cinemas has confirmed that JOJO RABBIT will be released via their network on April 3.

Apart from THE AVENGERS series, there are also rumours about the possibility for Luc Besson’s classic LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL (1994) to be re-released. This will certainly make many Chinese audience’s dream to come true, if approved, by being able to see their all-time favourite on a big screen.

This will be a period potentially for China to relax its distribution mechanism. Such relaxation will benefit global film industry in the future if it can be sustained or made permanent. More encouraging voices are needed to support China’s important decisions on which films are allowed to be re-released. In addition, distributors that are currently observing the market can perhaps start their belated marketing for new releases, as further efforts to inspire the audience and trigger their appetite.

More updates tomorrow, stay in touch!

We can all go through this together. 


Cinema Reopening Statistics: 

Day 4 – March 23: 528 cinema sites, 635 screenings – BO £2,504.41

Day 3 – March 22: 523 sites, 623 screenings – BO £4,911.66

Day 2 – March 21: 507 sites, 684 screenings – BO £3,750.03

Day 1 – March 20: 486 sites, 743 screenings – BO £1,354.85

Day 1 refers to the first day when films were released again for the first time since Jan 23.


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