The UK-China Film Collab (UCFC) and the 30º Ningbo Short Film Festival (NSFF) are proud to announce the successful conclusion of the 30º Ningbo Short Film Festival Collection (UK Tour). This landmark event, the first UK collective showcase of NSFF, took place on 24-25 May 2024 at Rich Mix, London, and received an enthusiastic response from audiences and film professionals alike.

The showcase featured a curated selection of 8 short films addressing a range of diverse topics, all produced by emerging Chinese filmmakers who are set to become influential figures in the future of Chinese cinema. The opening night on 24 May included a special Q&A session with Dr. Hiu Man Chan, founder and director of UCFC, and Dr. Xiaoning Lu, Reader in Modern Chinese Culture and Language at SOAS, University of London. Their insightful discussion offered audiences deeper understanding and appreciation of the films and the cultural contexts in which they were made.

Dr. Hiu Man Chan expressed her excitement with the event: “We are thrilled with the showcase. It has been an incredible opportunity to introduce UK audiences to the fresh and dynamic voices emerging from China’s film industry. The engagement and positive feedback we’ve received are a testament to the universal appeal and relevance of these films.” Dr. Xiaoning Lu echoed these sentiments.

Curator Xiaolian Qiu sent her regards from China, adding, “The diversity and depth of the films presented have sparked meaningful conversations about modern Chinese society and global issues. The filmmakers’ talent and creativity are truly impressive, and it has been an honour to highlight their work here in London.”

Over the two-day event, attendees were treated to films that spanned various genres and themes, reflecting the rich tapestry of contemporary Chinese cinema. The showcase not only provided entertainment but also fostered cultural exchange and understanding, aligning with the mission of UCFC to bridge the film industries of the UK and China.

Audience members praised the event for its high-quality programming and the opportunity to engage directly with experts in Chinese cinema. The films selected for the showcase were noted for their innovative storytelling, compelling characters, and unique perspectives on life in modern China.

The UK-China Film Collab remains committed to promoting cultural exchange through film and looks forward to future collaborations that will continue to build strong connections between the UK and Greater China’s film communities.

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About 30º Ningbo Short Film Festival

30°Ningbo Short Film Festival (formerly known as Ningbo Short Film Festival) was founded from the 2013 Ningbo Short Film Competition. 30° Ningbo Short Film Festival is centred around “Youth, International, Pioneer” as its core, characterised by “Internationalisation, Specialization, Industrialization”, with the objective of “attracting global talent, focusing on excellence, and promoting industrial development”. Its main activities include competitions, a series of film exhibitions, international exchanges, academic forums, and award ceremonies.