Odyssey 2023 has teamed up with Leeds International Film Festival and Pictureville Cinema in Bradford, to present a unique film about soul-touching love that crosses boundaries between nationality, race and social position in the 1960s, The World of Suzie Wong. The film will be accompanied by the short film Ashes.

This is part of Odyssey 2023’s GALA Screening curated for Bradford.

The World of Suzie Wong

Year of production: 1960
Genres: Drama/Romance
Production regions: USA, U.K
Languages: English
Duration: 126 Minutes
Director: Richard Quine

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Richard Mason, The World of Suzie Wong was a cultural hit in the U.K. With a plot in the style of classic Hollywood love stories, the film explores the relationship between a Chinese sex worker and an American artist. Love and romantic relationships are depicted within a complicated context of race, the Western-Eastern cultural gap and social equity that is seldom seen on the silver screen today.

The World of Suzie Wong is one of the most unique films in the realm of China in Hollywood, and its portrait of Hong Kong at the time is a film legacy in itself.



The screening programme will also include a short film from our Open Submission this year, Ashes, which resonates with a similar story in a different period of time.


Ashes (short film)

Drama, War
United States
No dialogues
4 minutes 20 seconds
Daniel J. Egbert

In this short film, a brief and unlikely connection in war complicates a young soldier’s understanding of freedom. Directed by Daniel J Egbert. (4 min 20 sec)