Hong Kong actress and executive producer Josie Ho will make a rare appearance at Odyssey 2023 in London this May, as part of the festival’s “Filmmaker in Focus” programme.

THIS IS A NOT-TO-BE MISSED OPPORTUUNITY FOR UK YOUNG FILM TALAENTS TO MEET HONG KONG’s LEADING EXECUTIVE PRODUCER JOSIE HO, WHO IS ALWAYS SEARCHING FOR CUTTING EDGE IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS – do you want to learn more about international film co-productions? Are you curious to find out opportunities from Hong Kong’s creative industries? Do not miss the festival’s highlighted “Josie Ho in Focus” programme as part of Odyssey 2023, coming to the UK this May.

In its 3rd edition, UK based film festival Odyssey: a Chinese cinema season celebrates “Global Sustainability” as its main theme this year, presented by NGO UK-China Film Collab. Responding to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the festival programme will include 5 main strands comprising both online & offline screenings. They include “JOURNEY”, “EQUALITY”, “BIODIVERSITY”, “ENVIRONMENT” and “URBAN DEVELOPMENT”.

The “Filmmaker in Focus” programme wishes to pay tribute to outstanding and dynamic filmmakers from Hong Kong.Two exceptional artists have been included in this year’s festival, producer, actress and singer Josie Ho, as well as actor, director, and producer Stephen Chow. 

The “Josie Ho in Focus” programme kicks off with a Masterclass at the renowned National Film and Television Schoolon 25th May, followed by the UK Premiere of Finding Bliss: Fire & Ice (The Directors’ Cut) on 26th May as Odyssey 2023’s Opening Film, and the World Premiere of Habit, The International Version + Q&A at London’s legendary The Prince Charles Cinema on 27th May.

Josie will be present in person at all three occasions to interact with creative students, local audiences, and film professionals. She has also been invited to be the festival’s Jury President this year.



Hong Kong-born Josie Ho is an actress, executive producer, singer, and fashion designer who has been in over 50 films since her debut in 1994. She currently finances and produces cutting edge international projects via her company 852 Films, including a forthcoming feature film project “Mother Tongue” collaborating with British director Mike Figgis.

Josie is best known for her work on screen – having starred in blockbuster movies in Hollywood such as Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Contagion’ with other leading and award-winning roles across several Chinese and Hong Kong based films. Josie is one of the only Hong Kong based artists working on the international stage and will next appear in Roger Avary’s (Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs) Lucky Day and is also co-producing and starring alongside Jonathan Rhys Myers in a new period biopic Rajah.

Josie’s passion for music and the history of rock n roll spurred her to curate a collection of Pattie Boyd’s photography throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s that showcases her never-seen-before photos of The Beatles and Eric Clapton and gives the audience an insight into the ‘British Swinging London.’ Pattie Boyd has taken several photographs of Josie – which will be included in the exhibition.

Josie is also the lead-singer and songwriter in a band called ‘Josie and the Uni Boys’ who are one of the most popular underground punk bands in Hong Kong; with over 7 vinyl releases to date.

Josie founded Mata Hari in 2007, a bespoke accessories line as seen on A list celebrities such as Beyonce.

The “Josie Ho in Focus” programme as part of Odyssey 2023 wishes to celebrate Josie as a creative artist and entrepreneur who has been finding new ways to push boundaries across and combining different mediums.



The Masterclass to take place at the UK’s renowned National Film and Television School (NFTS)will showcase sample works by Josie as both a producer and actress. It will explore her artistic vision in fashion, music, film, and the combination of her multimedia interests; her experience of being an international film producer between the East and the West; her mission to support young talents and beyond. Students at the school will have an opportunity to engage with Josie and ask her questions about her career.

Alex Connock, Head of Creative Business at NFTS will be co-hosting the Masterclass with Hiu Man Chan, Founder of NGO UK-China Film Collab.

Date: 25th May Thursday | Time: 14:00-16:00
Venue: NFTS, Beaconsfield Studios Campus




Habit, The International Version is the original cut by Oscar-winning Hong Kong art director William Chang, who is known for his contribution to films by Wong Kar-Wai including: IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, 2046, THE GRAND MASTER, FALLEN ANGELS, THE ASHES OF TIME and many more.

Appearing in the public for the first time ever, the International Version of Habitprovides a once-in-a-life-time unique East-meets-West experience of this latest cult gem featuring Josie Ho, Bella Thorne, Andreja Pejic and Libby Mintz, directed by Janell Shirtcliff.

Mads (Bella Thorne) is a street-smart party girl who lives with her two best pals (Andreja Pejic and co-writer Libby Mintz) in L.A., and works running drugs for a washed-up Hollywood star named Eric (Gavin Rossdale). When the cash they owe to Eric gets stolen, the three young women decide to hide out by masquerading as nuns. On the run and trying to escape the retribution of an even more dangerous drug lord (Josie Ho), the three sexy “sisters” must start kicking ass to survive! Habit is a high-octane black comedy that’s bloody, cool, and beautiful to look at.

This one-off screening will take place at the best cult cinema in the UK, The Prince Charles Cinema on 27th May Saturday, followed by an in-person Q&A with Josie Ho.

Booking Now Open. 



Apart from in-person screenings and events, the “Josie Ho in Focus” programme will also include 3 online screenings of films featuring the actress and producer. They all demonstrate different creative aspects of Josie and will provide an opportunity to the international audience to learn more about her dynamic portfolio.

Full Strike (2015) | Directors: Chi-Kin Kwok, Henri Wong

A young woman trains to become a badminton champion with help from reformed crooks.

Dream Home (2010) | Director: Ho-Cheung Pang

Cheng Li-sheung is a young, upwardly mobile professional finally ready to invest in her first home. But when the deal falls through, she is forced to keep her dream alive – even if it means keeping her would-be neighbours dead.

Butterfly (2004) | Director: Yan Yan Mak

A married teacher/closeted lesbian meets a young, free-spirited singer who will allow her to rediscover herself.


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