Odyssey 2023 officially launched on 26 May. In the following month we will also be organising different panels which reflect on the theme of “Global Sustainability”, with guests from both academia and the industry.

Moderated by Sara Li

Steven Schwankert is an award-winning writer and editor with 25 years of experience in Greater China, focusing on exploration, technology, and culture. He is the co-creator of “The Six,” a book and documentary project about the Chinese passengers aboard RMS Titanic. His book, “Poseidon: China’s Secret Salvage of Britain’s Lost Submarine” was published in 2013 by Hong Kong University Press. “Beijing & Shanghai,” a guidebook he co-wrote for Hong Kong’s Odyssey Publications, is now in its third edition.

Date & Time: Jun 8, 2023 01:00 PM London
Format: Zoom Online