UK-China Film Collab was invited to attend this year’s FILMART in Hong Kong. After three years, we had a very productive visit to our home city and returned with a new MOU signed.

Phoenix Waters Productions is a dynamic film and television production company with a strong focus on creating high-concept productions that centre on Asia while having global appeal. With offices in both Hong Kong and the UK, the company aims to support the Hong Kong film industry and build bridges between the East and West through powerful storytelling that transcends boundaries, and partnerships with top talent and content creators from both sides of the world.

Since its establishment in 2015, Phoenix Waters Productions has been committed to producing top-quality projects across a range of genres, from suspense thrillers to romantic dramas. The company’s goal is to develop and produce stories that surpass the limits of imagination and resonate with audiences worldwide.

(In picture, co-CEOs of Phoenix Waters Productions, Guy Orlebar & Bizhan Tong at FILMART conference)


As part of its mission to support the Hong Kong film industry, Phoenix Waters Productions has created a Hong Kong entity to help revitalize this vital part of the region’s cultural landscape. By bringing together key talent from both the East and West, the company aims to create a new era of collaboration that will benefit the film industry in Hong Kong and beyond.

Phoenix Waters Productions are committed to storytelling excellence is matched only by our dedication to supporting the film industry in Hong Kong and beyond. We believe that by creating compelling, engaging content that brings together audiences from all over the world, we can help to foster greater understanding and collaboration between East and West, while also creating unforgettable cinematic experiences that will stand the test of time.

(In picture, Dr Hiu Man Chan, Founder & Director of UK-China Film Collab at FILMART conference)


About signing the MOU, Founder & Director of UK-China Film Collab Dr Hiu Man Chan states, “We are at the most critical time in our life time facing many uncertainties. It is my pleasure to join force with Phoenix Waters Productions, to support more storytelling that can advocate peace talk and international cooperation. There is no such a hard boarder between the East and the West. We are beyond the old days and we are here to make new history. Film will be a great way to inspire us to overcome bias and differences.”

FILMART is Asia’s premier film industry event and one of the world’s top three events of its kind in terms of exhibitor numbers. According to organizer Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the four-day event, taking place from March 13-16, is expected to welcome over 600 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions. This includes over 20 pavilions representing the likes of mainland China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Italy, the United States and Europe. Not only is FILMART 2023 the year’s first in-person film market taking place in Asia, but it is also the region’s largest entertainment content marketplace.