Qianzhi Shan from the University of Edinburgh has been selected to join UK-China Film Collab as a member via the organisation’s Future Talent Programme 2022-2023.

Here is Qianzhi’s introduction to her one-year project:

“Hello. I am Qianzhi Shan, a student in Film Studies at the University of Edinburgh. I am in the final year of my PhD programme. I have been studying filmmaking and working on documentary projects since I was an undergraduate student. I am also a freelance photographer and independent film researcher. During my PhD research, I explored European New Wave Movements and the contemporary East Asian film industry. My experience, so far of studying film, has been really interesting.

To participate in the Future Talent Programme. I will be working on a new project with support from the UK-China Film Collab between 2022 and 2023. The prooposed project focuses on the development of virtual reality film production and how Metaverse facilitated/will facilitate filmmaking, collaboration and enhance the significance of film. The project will be using archival, market research and qualitative case studies of certain British and Chinese film projects. The final outcome, a public report will discuss socio-political, cultural, and technical parameters while looking at the relationship between immersive virtual reality, metaverse and film.”

Contact Qianzhi: qianzhi.shan@ukchinafilm.uk