International collaboration is the key and the most welcomed approach at critical times, from Shanghai to Liverpool to New York.

In May 2024, Shanghai Normal University will open a new round of the “Shanghai – Charming China” International Video Creation Workshop. Chinese and British university students will work together to create 3-5 short films based on the themes of “Urban Shanghai”, “Silk and Bamboo Shanghai” and “The Light of the Sea”.

The workshop will be held at Shanghai Normal University. A joint group of Chinese and British students will create 3-5 short films based on the themes of “Urban Shanghai”, “Silk and Bamboo Shanghai” and “Light of the Sea School”. The filming subjects will include the seventh batch of “non-heritage” celebrities. Wen Wei Po will participate and report on this activity as a media platform. The final works will also be shown in major media at home and abroad.

The program is planned and implemented by the School of Film and Media of Shanghai Normal University, combining the film and television professional resources of famous overseas universities. Since 2010, the “Shanghai, Charming China” International Video Creation Workshop has been held, which consists of both Chinese and foreign students, with group filming and guided by Chinese and foreign industry experts, professional scholars and university teachers.

Each workshop lasts for 15-30 days, with Chinese and foreign teachers and students majoring in radio and television programming, animation, acting and other disciplines, as well as industry experts, with a total of more than 100 participants. Through on-site visits to Shanghai’s urban architecture, local customs and people’s stories, as well as attending Shanghai’s cultural and art lectures and exhibitions, the workshop finally completes various types of video works. Among them, “Magic City Fashion Journey”, “Soccer Love Affair”, “Happy Anniversary”, “Taxi Driver” and other works have been shortlisted in short film exhibitions at home and abroad and won awards.

International workshops are not only for foreign students to come to Shanghai, but also for Chinese students to go out. In August 2023, students from Shanghai Normal University’s School of Film and Television Studies traveled to John Moore University in the United Kingdom to carry out a video workshop with local teachers and students, and carried out collaborative filming, and traveled to Liverpool’s Chinatown and the Chinese living area to complete the filming of “First Encounters: Shanghai and Liverpool”.

2024, in October, the workshop work will continue to be initiated with the New York Film Academy. In October 2024, we will continue to work with New York Film Academy, when teachers and students from the School of Film and Television of Shanghai Normal University will go to the New York Film Academy in the United States to carry out collaborative filming.

The “Shanghai-Charming China” program hopes to build a bridge of cultural exchange through cross-border cooperation among young people. These short films have not only been well received by audiences, but have also been recognized at various international film festivals, proving the power of collaborative narratives and the ability of film to transcend cultural barriers. The success of this cross-cultural collaboration has opened the door to advancing cultural exchange. With more exchange programs, joint film projects and cultural events on the horizon, the program will also continue to strengthen ties between the UK and China and enrich the global cultural landscape.


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