Phoenix TV hosted the first Shanghai – London Screen Industry Forum at 195 Piccadilly in London on Saturday 14 October 2023.

The forum aims to serve as a platform to relaunch the dialogue between Chinese and British counterparts in the creative and screen industry, and to promote further collaborations between the two nations in the post-pandemic era.

Rupert Daniels, Director of Services & Skills of the Department for Business and Trade UK

Distinguished guests graced the event with their presence, including Rupert Daniels, Director of Services & Skills of the Department for Business and Trade UK; Bi Haibo, Minister Counsellor from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the UK; Luo Yi, Deputy Director-General of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Radio and Television; Hu Ge, Overseas Promotion Ambassador for Chinese TV Dramas; and Mike Goodridge, Founder & Producer of Good Chaos; and hosted by Jasmine Pang, Director of European Affairs of Phoenix TV. These esteemed individuals delivered welcome remarks, setting the stage for fruitful discussions and collaborations.

The forum encompassed captivating screenings and engaging panel discussions, with a primary focus on showcasing exceptional Chinese television projects. This included a remarkable lineup of Sino-British co-productions spanning animation, documentaries, and new series that beautifully captured the essence of Shanghai.

Mike Goodridge, Founder & Producer of Good Chaos

The series segment featured highly anticipated works such as Wong Kar Wai’s inaugural series, “Blossoms Shanghai,” alongside the enthralling productions of “Three-Body” and “Alliance.” Additionally, the forum showcased captivating animations like “Yao-Chinese Folktales” and “Supertato.”

The documentary portion of the event was equally remarkable, featuring notable productions including the awe-inspiring “Planet Earth III,” presented by BBC Studios. Complementing this were thought-provoking documentaries like “China on Stage,” “Rendezvous with the Future,” and “The Land of Spirits,” presented by bilibili. Furthermore, the forum presented “Hong Kong Nature Stories,” brought to audiences by Phoenix TV.

Distinguished panellists from prominent streaming sites and production companies on both sides of the collaboration enriched the discussions. The Chinese delegation included esteemed professionals such as Cura Zhang, Head of Factual Content and Operations at bilibili; Lu Beike, Visual Director of “Three-Body”; and Yang Xiaopei, Founder & CEO of Xixi Pictures. The UK delegation featured influential figures including Steve Crabtree, Executive Producer at BBC Studios; Michael Nakan, CEO & Founder of Envision; and Isabella Ragona, CEO & Founder of Moving Pictures Media.

As a Hong Kong listed media, Phoenix TV boasts a global audience of 500 million – surpassing its industry peers. Recognised as the largest Chinese language media overseas, Phoenix TV has established a competitive international news network with correspondent stations across 60 countries and regions worldwide. The forum will be broadcast and covered through our global network.