Sherry Zhang has been selected to join UK-China Film Collab as a member via the Future Talent Programme 2023-2024.

Here is Sherry’s introduction to his expertise as well as his project at UCFC for this coming year:

“Hi everyone, I am Sherry Zhang. I graduated from the University of Manchester with an MA in Sociology. Before that, I was awarded BA Journalism in China during which I developed an inter-disciplinary interest in media, art, and cultural communication. I started my curation journey by facilitating Odyssey 2023 since February and successfully delivered my first sold-out film screening in collaboration with ScousESEA at FACT Liverpool in September 2023 (to celebrate ESEA Heritage Month). I am enthusiastic about curating independent film screenings, liaising with cinema and ESEA communities in order to rethink and review the engagement between the ESEA film practice and the local ESEA residence.

My proposal for the Future Talent Programme focuses on community engagement in attempt to build up a bigger audience pool for UK-China Film Collab. The central concern of the proposal lies in the representation of the ESEA (East and Southeast Asia) ethnic minority in films and film culture within the geography of the UK and Great China. I will trace, observe and participate in the UK-based Chinese and ESEA communities, with a particular concern about how they balance between the need of enhancing engagement with a broader public and the necessity to concentrate on ethnic-centred features to create their events.

The film exhibition will be paid most attention to understanding how film can act as a medium to forge solidarity and conversation, reduce bias and misrepresentation, and build social networks and interactions. To achieve the goals, firstly, I would like to initiate collaborations with the ESEA communities and groups, especially in the North which witnesses fewer ESEA events compared with London and the South. Secondly, I wish to contribute to the next edition of Odyssey (2024).

Finally, the programme proposal alongside my experience of film curating for UCFC will also shape my ongoing PhD research proposal on the making of race/ethnic communities in the UK and how film circulation can contribute to ongoing debate and practice of diversity.”

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Sherry’s Contributions to the Organisation

Curator, “Tones of Love”, Pop-up Screenings, Odyssey 2023 x ScousESEA at FACT Liverpool, ESEA Heritage Month (SOLD OUT)

Curatorial Assistant, Odyssey 2023