International companies are invited to join the online market free of charge during the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival.

Over the recent years, SIFF MARKET has focused on enhancing its functionalities as a gathering place for the industry, achieving a higher degree of  internationalization each year. To keep pace with the rapidly-growing film industry in China, SIFF MARKET strives to build a diversified platform that accommodates different institutions across the film business, aiming to gather industrial resources for the global hub for audiovisual production.

The 25th  SIFF MARKET will be held in The Longemont Shanghai to provide more comfortable and convenient dream-seeking space for filmmakers at home and abroad, consisting of the exhibition and market events. The exhibition will anticipate the participation of production companies, financiers, shooting locations, technical services, post-production facilities, marketing agencies, distributors, film commissions, and film schools, etc, aiming to promote exchanges and cooperation in film industry. Besides, in 2023, a new sub-venue will be open to the public, integrating SIFF domestic and overseas XR short films section,film and television cultural equipment area, derivatives, The Benefiting for the People Screening of STVF and other segments, creating a live experience of the theme of  ‘Technology and Future’. Audience will interact with the meta human in the screen and experience the motion capture to have a better understanding of the cutting-edge technology of the development of film and television.

The market events will include presentations, industry panels, and market screenings, offering a one-stop platform for pitching films, projects and services. The event programming caters to not only buyers and sales agents from around the world, but also IP rightsholders and service providers such as film commissions, and proactively seeks to facilitate the connection between professionals from China and the film industry worldwide.

The 25th SIFF MARKET will also adopt a hybrid format which keeps the physical market while holding the International Film & TV Online Market in 2023. The online market will be building a bridge for Chinese and international participants to efficiently connect, as well as providing a digital option for showcasing and finding quality content.

In 2021, the physical and online market attracted 751 exhibitors from 45 different countries to participate, of which 402 were international companies, accounting for 53% of the total. The International Film & TV Online Market builds a digital display and negotiation platform for exhibitors and contents from all over the world, promotes the exchange and trade of film and television works, and provides a more economical and convenient way for international industry professionals to attend the conference.

If you are an UK company interested in participating in the market, UK-China Film Collab will provide free consultation and preparation workshop. Please email to make an appointment with us.

If you are already confident in participating in the market, please contact the market team at the Shanghai International Film Festival directly: Yan Han –