The 25th Shanghai International Film Festival wrapped up last week on 18 June. Who is the winner for its Golden Goblet this year?

Japanese drama feature Yoko won the Golden Goblet best picture award at the Shanghai International Film Festival. The jury Grand Prix was awarded to Spain’s Muyeres with China’s Liu Jin winning the best director prize.

Directed by Kumakiri Kazuyoshi, Yoko is a journey of a woman’s self-discovery who had been socially isolated in her apartment for many years. Starred Rinko Kikuchi, the woman is forced to confront the real world when she takes a 658 kilometre cross-country journey to her father’s funeral via hitchhiking. Kikuchi also earned the best actress award.

At last, one UK film historically made into this year’s Main Competition –  Kindling (2023) by .

Kindling follows a group of young men who return to their home town in order to turn their friend’s final days into a celebration of life and friendship.

We have been openly encouraging British films to compete at the Shanghai International Film Festival and are willing to provide guidance and support where it suits. Good luck to future British films.

Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see Mike Leigh being highlighted as part of the festival’s Master focus this year.



Best Feature Film
“Yoko” dir. Kumakiri Kazuyoshi (Japan)

Jury Grand Prix
“Muyeres” dir. Marta Lallana (Spain)

Best Director
Liu Jiayin for “All Ears” (China)

Best Actor (joint winners)
Hu Ge in “All Ears” (China) dir. Liu Jiayin
Da Peng in “Dust to Dust” (China) dir. Jonathan Li

Best Actress
Rinko Kikuchi in “Yoko” (Japan) dir. Kumakiri Kazuyoshi

Best Screenplay
Muroi Kosuke/Namiko Sou for “Yoko” (Japan) dir. Kumakiri Kazuyoshi

Best Cinematography
Toni Vidal for “Muyeres” (Spain) dir. Marta Lallana

Outstanding Artistic Achievement
“Good Autumn, Mommy” dir. Chen Shizhong (China)

Best Documentary Film
“Anxious in Beirut” dir. Zakaria Jaber (Jordan/Lebanon/Qatar/Spain)

Best Animation Film
“Four Souls of Coyote” dir. Áron Gauder (Hungary)

Best Live Action Short Film
“The House We Had” dir. Andrey Krechetov (Russia)

Best Animated Short Film
“Chasing Birds” dir.  Una Lorenzen (Iceland/Canada)