A new film festival will screen indie productions from Switzerland in Chengdu, after its launch in Beijing earlier this year.

Organised by the Embassy of ­Switzerland in China, this film ­festival (14-20 April) in Chengdu will be screening seven indie productions from Switzerland, after its tour earlier in Beijing. The Swissplained Film Festival is screening five Swiss-produced documentaries, one biographical film and one feature film.

Unlike major blockbusters with epic stories and dazzling visuals, these seven films focus on specific stories showing the humanity of ordinary people.

Les Dames, an 81-minute-documentary, focuses its lens on the love stories of five 60-year-old women. Apres I’Hiver (Lit: After winter) focuses on young people’s education and career choices, while Who is afraid of Alice Miller? discusses mental health issues.

“In addition to banks, watches and chocolates, we hope that the Chinese public will know more about Switzerland,” said Thomas Stähli, the deputy head of mission of the Embassy of Switzerland in China.

Jürg Burri, the new Swiss Ambassador to China, said that he hopes the film festival introduces the cultural landscape of Switzerland to the Chinese public.