Table for Six 2 to be released in the UK and Ireland by Trinity CineAsia ahead of the Year of the Dragon from 9 February.

Director Sunny Chan, the mastermind behind the No. 1 Hong Kong Comedy Box Office Hit ‘Table for Six’, reunites the original cast and crew for the most hilarious weddings in 2024! The three couples within the Chan family decide to tie the knot. But the joy of being engaged starts to fade when their intricate relationships make everything harder. Marriage is a dream. A wedding is a war. 3 weddings in a row? Armageddon. With his unique sense of humor, Sunny Chan once again dives into the complex dynamics of modern society’s men and women, families, and romance. Save the date!

Director: Sunny Chan
Main Cast: Stephy Tang, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Ivana Wong, Lin Min Chen, Peter Chan Charm Man, Tse Kwan Ho, Jeffrey Ngai, Ho Kai Wa
Genre: Romance Comedy
Language: Cantonese