Teresa Irigoyen-Lopez from SOAS, University of London has been selected to join UK-China Film Collab as a member via the organisation’s Future Talent Programme 2022-2023.

Here is Teresa’s introduction to herself and her project this year:

“Hi everyone! I am Teresa and I recently graduated with an MA in Chinese Studies from SOAS University of London where I mostly focused on the role of literature and cinema in contemporary Chinese culture, completing my dissertation on the representation of transport and migrant workers in Chinese cinema. These topics of migration, mobility and moving images have always fascinated me and I previously explored them from other disciplines during my undergraduate and graduate studies in engineering and sustainable energy at Princeton and Cambridge, respectively.

My interest in Chinese cinema stems from my experience of living in Yunnan and Beijing for some time, and only becoming aware of a lot of my affective experiences and learnings there after seeing them represented on screen. Since then, both my personal and career trajectories have been drastically shaped by cinema, and I really believe in its transgressive and disruptive power, as well as in its ability to unite peoples, nations and cultures.

Recognising film as a form of cultural diplomacy and global action. By screening and discussing film classics and lesser-known works from Greater China, as well as bringing together voices from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, I hope this year’s Festival will empower public discourse on Chinese film and highlight some of the most exciting works out there foregrounding sustainability issues. Fortunately, sustainability is a topic of increasing interest for many of us, so if you have any feedback or proposals for the festival, please do reach out!”

Teresa left the programme before the proposed project was completed.